Accursed Share Announces NFT Collection by Photographer Frederic Auerbach

The NFT collection, entitled “Captured Moment: The Master’s Process,” will center around five A-lister celebrities

Chicago, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Via Blockchain Wire) - Accursed Share (, a production studio leveraging smart contract technology to push the boundaries of cryptoart, today announced the first NFT collection by photographer Frederic Auerbach. The collection provides an in-depth look at the methodology and process of Auerbach, a world-class fashion photographer known for his work with magazines and brands including GQ, Vogue, Hermès, and more.  The multi-part NFT drop will give exclusive insight into the artists’ process and highlights Auerbach’s work with five of Hollywood’s most notable celebrities as well as 30 never-before-seen ‘process’ photos culled from the working sessions with the stars.  

The NFT collection, “Captured Moment: The Master’s Process,” is accompanied by exclusive video interviews with the photographer and insight into his inspiration, planning, setup, and in-studio process. The series details Auerbach’s work with charismatic ‘triple-threat’ and star of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’, Zendaya, as well as boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and established Hollywood actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman, and Sharon Stone, 

One work featuring each of the celebrity subjects, deemed ‘The Master Series’, will become available via auction in mid-December, but auction winners not only receive a high-resolution NFT version of the published work, but each Master Series set will also include a separate dynamic NFT. This NFT is powered by Accursed Share’s proprietary technology - an internal ‘smart contract’ innovation that is designed to randomly display an alternate edit of the final masterwork every few hours. Master Series auction winners will also receive a high-resolution autographed print of the photograph as well as a video NFT featuring an interview and ‘process commentary’ with Auerbach. 

“We wanted to give fans, collectors, and students of Auerbach’s work an internal view of his process and inspiration; we wanted to create a set of NFTs that really spoke to collectors and had engaging and intrinsic value.” Accursed Share CEO, John Connor, says of the project. The team’s choice to highlight Auerbach was an intentional one, “Auerbach’s ability to capture the charisma and character of his subjects is unique in the world of photography, and his uncanny ability to ‘summon the ineffable’ in his images is very real. This is something that seems to be missing from the current popular perception of NFTs, and we hope that this project -and other subsequent Accursed Share NFT projects- will provide a renewed focus on high-quality NFT content and continue to push the boundaries of the medium.”

Connor references the fact that many ‘cryptoart’ platforms and marketplaces treat NFTs as an almost utilitarian tool designed to simply transfer and monetize the display and ownership of exclusive art and digital images. However, he and his team are taking an in-depth look at how ‘non-fungible tech’ can be used by creatives. Auerbach and the Accursed Share team worked together to create an outlet for alternate edits to the primary ‘Master Work’ NFT Photos, and the rotating image NFT was a mutually-conceived idea meant to blend innovative technology and artistic vision.

In addition to the limited release Master Series (five 1:1 ‘sets’), Accursed Share is releasing “The Process Series” as an initial, more obtainable NFT drop that will be made available to fans and collectors who participate in the studio’s whitelist referral program. This set of 1700 NFTs will be made up of six process photos of each of the five celebrity subjects. Totaling thirty unique images in all, these unseen selections from Auerbach’s studio process will be released with varying levels of rarity - with the rarest image being limited to only 5 of the total 1700. The team is also airdropping a large number of these NFTs for free to early whitelist subscribers.

All collectors holding a Process Series NFT will be able to participate in the Master Series auction, and all ‘Process’ NFT holders will be able to join Auerbach’s upcoming NFT+photography Discord group.  All ‘Captured Moment’ NFT holders will be invited into the Discord environment where the photographer and Accursed Share hope to foster an online community to like-minded collectors interested in photography, NFTs, and the intersection between the two mediums.  

Captured Moment’s first selections from the ‘Process Series’ will become available on December 5th, at which point early whitelist submissions will receive free airdrops of the first round; the remaining Captured Moments Process Series NFTs will roll out throughout the following week and will cost 0.05 ETH to mint. 

All 5 Master Series auctions will go live on December 17 and will have a starting price of 3.0 ETH; all bidding participants must hold a Process Series NFT.  In addition, one Master Series auction winner will be randomly selected to receive a private photoshoot with Frederic Auerbach in his Los Angeles Studio, a session valued at over $12,000.

For more information and to sign up for Captured Moment’s whitelist, please visit the Accursed Share website at: and click ‘Zendaya’.

About Accursed Share:

Accursed Share is an artist-led production studio and art accelerator focused on pushing the limits of NFT art. In addition to producing narrative-driven ‘cryptoart’ pieces and installations, the accursed share platform aims to unlock the creative potential of what is possible with smart contracts and to facilitate multifaceted and dynamic NFT creation, even for artists who are not blockchain or smart contract developers.

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