Cannabistry’s Four Proprietary Canna-Tech Platforms Solve Industry Pain Points

Over Seven Years of Laboratory Research Led to the Development of Four Innovative Technology Platforms That Have Created Award-Winning Cannabis Consumer Products Including Beverages

Skokie, Illinois, UNITED STATES

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cannabistry, the cannabis leader in world-class Research & Development, trusted products and reliable brand names, has developed four next-generation, scientifically proven technology platforms: 

  1. B-LINE®: Maximizes cannabinoid bioavailability and achieves rapid activation in many formats, especially liquid beverages.
  2. Ferofide®: All-natural protectant that preserves and ensures cannabinoid shelf-life and stability. 
  3. HI-Phi®: Low-temperature, high pressure CO2 extraction technology that produces pure cured resin that uniquely maintains the same proportions of the many hundreds of cannabinoids found in the native flower without distillation.
  4. Cantography®: Terpene and cannabinoid rapid plant-mapping process that allows for products to consistently remain in specification regardless of various sources and cultivation regions. 

After over seven years of laboratory research and development, Cannabistry’s four proprietary technology platforms have solved industry-wide pain points to bring top-of-line cannabis products to market. Cannabistry has also expanded market categories producing groundbreaking cannabis beverages. Most cannabis beverages available on the market are inconsistent with ingredient efficacy, product effects and unstable shelf life if not refrigerated, Cannabistry’s Ferofide® and B-LINE® allowed their brand Tough Mama to develop a first-of-its-kind, fast-acting cannabis beverage, Yolo Shotz. Cannabistry’s Ferofide® technology ensures products have complete cannabinoid integrity and uphold shelf stability in ambient temperatures for up to twelve months. Ferofide’s® all-natural preservation system also keeps the drink’s ingredient deck clean creating a “clear” high, and unlike other drinks, there is zero off-notes or metallic aftertaste. Cannabistry’s B-LINE® nano-emulsion technology produced in-house maximizes bioavailability of cannabinoids delivering maximum potency to milligrams; Tough Mama Shotz contains one hundred milligrams of THC per every two-ounce liquid bottle serving. Cannabistry’s B-LINE® nano-emulsion technology developed the fast-acting liquid delivery system present in Tough Mama Shotz that offers onset effects in as little as five minutes. Cannabistry utilizes its HI-Phi® technology to infuse premium cured resin extract into each Tough Mama Yolo Shotz beverage, and it has also allowed the company’s brand MISTIFI to develop the world’s only triple-strain blend products.     

Awards & Recognitions

Cannabistry is proud to be recognized for its industry-disrupting technologies that have allowed for its products to reach benchmarks and garner acclaim that include: 

  • Tough Mama brand ranked 2nd Place at High Times Cannabis Cup 2020.
  • MISTIFI brand products won Best-All-In-One Vape Pen at High Times Cannabis Cup 2020 and Best-All-In-One Vape Pen at Emerald Cup 2021.
  • The Root Of It All brand products awarded Best Topical at Emerald Cup 2019.  


Founded in 2014, Cannabistry is the world’s leading company in cannabis Research & Development, trusted products and reliable brand names. Cannabistry produces award-winning brands and products including, Tough Mama, MISTIFI, The Root of It All and more. 



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