Alexandra Lozano Uses Social Media To Bring Awareness On Immigration Issues

Tukwila, Washington, United States, Dec. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Immigration in the U.S. has always been a hot-button topic. As partisanship takes center stage on immigration policy, it's the people left at border points and on the American mainland who are suffering most. According to the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm, they are trying to undo the damage and alleviate the suffering of immigrants one social media post at a time.

The power of social media has grown in recent years. For instance, in the United States, it's estimated 70% of the country's population is on social media. Meaning professionals like Alexandra Lozano can harness these social media platforms to influence topical issues of the day, such as immigration, and connect with those who need legal assistance. 

Abogada Alexandra (Alexandra Lozano) has signed up for TikTok and Instagram, platforms that she says enable her to connect with people in need of professional help with their immigration status. She is grabbing a considerable amount of attention on these platforms, with her Instagram account attracting substantial likes and views every few days. Her TikTok account is also doing quite well, with over 120,000 followers and counting, which helps the Alexandra Lozano Law Firm get its message out to those in need.

Numbers are not the only goal Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is looking to reach. Her primary passion is helping immigrants and human trafficking victims deal with their residency status concerns. She understands all too well the challenges of immigrants, herself being a grandchild of immigrants. She now brings her expertise and combines it with the power of social media through the Alexandra Lozano Law Firm to help immigrants live in America devoid of deportation fears. 

Abogada Alexandra has expertly used her marketing and communication skills to reach and connect with her demographics. Being fluent in Spanish, Abogada Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law connects with her potential clients, most of whom are Spanish speakers. Her videos are authentic, giving her social media posts a realistic image.

Alexandra Lozano Law Firm, which she runs with her husband, has also turned social media algorithms on their heads. By studying how different platforms curate their content, she can create engaging content, build her audience and connect with potential clients. Every social media post contains the law firm's name and contact information, allowing clients to get in touch for assistance.

Abogada Alexandra Lozano Law Firm believes social media has the potential of helping professionals' market their services as long as the content is simple, shareable, and sincere.


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