Christmas Comes Early for US Critical Infrastructure

ST LOUIS, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following a wave of disruptive cyberattacks on US infrastructure, the strongest commercially-available cybersecurity hardware - developed by Missouri-based Q-Net Security – is being made more accessible to US civilian consumers.

Q-Net Security’s software-free, intelligence-grade cybersecurity is currently utilized by the US Army and Air Force to protect critical military infrastructure. A new collaboration with broadband provider Anterix will ensure the cybersecurity technology can be rapidly deployed to protect civilian infrastructure as well.

“As a charter member of the Anterix Active Ecosystem, we are excited to take this next step with Anterix in forming the Anterix Security Collective,” said Dr. Ronald Indeck, CEO at Q-Net Security. “Utilities demand the strongest network cybersecurity and we are proud to bring our data authentication security to this unique collaboration.”

Q-Net Security’s role as a charter member of the Anterix Security Collective is its latest industry partnership, following admission into the Intel® Market Ready Solutions program in September.

"We know that no cybersecurity software is secure," says Dr. Jerry Cox, founding chairman of the Department of Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. “That’s why we need a completely new approach.”

Q-Net Security’s hardware is a boon for utilities and critical infrastructure, as it requires no down time to install, no patching, upgrades, or maintenance — ever.

“Manufacturing plants, energy utilities, and military defense systems can’t afford to be offline. Q-Net Security’s interoperability allows us to drop into an environment running multiple different Operating Systems, without needing to change any of the endpoint devices,” says Dr. Indeck.

Easy and effective security solutions, like the ones provided by Q-Net Security, are some of the stand-out security offerings on show in the Anterix Security Collective. Six complementary security leaders are featured in addition to Q-Net Security, whose products and services work together to deliver world-class protection for the utilities industry.

Experts hope collaborative efforts such as the Anterix Security Collective will foster increased adoption of Q-Net Security’s new technology and deter cyber attackers from targeting US civilian infrastructure.

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