Arabian Camels to Launch ‘Antara’ Movie NFT in Partnership with Swapp Protocol

The partnership will allow Arabian Camels to give up to 80% APR on Antara Movie NFTs, that hold up to 50% IP rights in the $50M feature film ‘Antara’

Dubai, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) - Arabian Camels, a tight-knit NFT community revolutionizing the movie business, today announced the launch of an ‘Antara Movie NFT’ in partnership with Swapp Protocol, offering a groundbreaking NFT Farming utility that allows the movie NFT holders to get an almost 100 percent APY before the movie even gets released. The ‘Antara Movie NFT’ seeks to grant buyers up to 50 percent of the intellectual property rights to “Antara,” a $50 million dollar feature film. Antara is based on the life of Antarah Ibn Shaddad, an ancient Arabian knight and poet, famous for his adventurous life.

Arabian Camels will partner with Swapp Protocol to produce the world’s first decentralized feature film production NFTs with DeFi capabilities. The idea behind partnering with Swapp Protocol is to enable the use of their decentralized finance products to eliminate the monetary risk associated with movie funding and revolutionize the industry.

Swapp brings a new dynamic to the NFT project. Their vast multidimensional capabilities within the DeFi space, allows Arabian Camels to integrate the movie industry with NFT technology.  Swapp Protocol is not only the leader in decentralized finance, but also a pioneer in the NFT space. Swapp’s NFT Marketplace is home to exclusive, vetted, utility based NFTs, which aim to merge the worlds of art and blockchain technology.

“My vision was to create a system to produce films that normally cost in excess of $50M, completely risk free,'' said Alexander Amaratei, the Producer of Antara. “In addition to eliminating funding risks, this system would allow films to be owned by the fans, the NFT owners. This feat would not have been possible without Swapp’s innovative NFT Farming capabilities and blockchain/cryptocurrency knowledge and platforms.”  

Swapp’s NFT farming platform will allow Arabian Camel NFT owners to earn passive income on their NFTs.  The Farming allows the films to be funded, while simultaneously providing a direct monetary benefit to those who support the project, before the theatrical release. This paradigm shift moves the control of the industry away from traditional lenders and production studios, and into the hands of individuals/fans who support the film, which Swapp coined.

The historical significance of this NFT drop cannot be overlooked.  For the first time in history, a feature film will be funded through the release of a NFT, and the Arabian Camels and the Swapp Protocol will pave the way. This NFT project will completely revolutionize and ‘de-risk’ an entire industry.

Leveraging Swapp’s large real world data company helps provide insight, creating a competitive advantage as we replace the antiquated system of movie funding.  As a partner, Swapp has proven to be able to identify market opportunities and expeditiously implement/execute cutting edge solutions as seen through their NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, and Data Monetization App.

“With the power of community, speed of the internet, and dexterity of DeFi, we are generating a tectonic shift that will create waves of opportunity in the film industry.” – Tural Bayev (CEO, Swapp Protocol)


The movie is being directed by a world-class Hollywood director, who instantly agreed to join the project when they were introduced to the concept of Antara. Members from the Arabian Camel NFT community will share in ownership of the film, get roles in the movie, credit as producers, and join the production team for exclusive gatherings on the set in the Arabian Desert with the cast and crew. The differentiation of this NFT project is it’s real-world utility, separating itself from the typical NFT projects inflated by hype alone. The Arabian Camel NFT is becoming a powerful symbol of what is achievable when crypto communities join forces, united by a common vision.

The Arabian Camels envision merging Movies and NFTs with DeFi, Gaming, and the Metaverse, with a focus on community, extracting value from the booming transmedia space, and sharing the value entertainment properties with the Arabian Camel community. Prospective film distributors would pay the owners of the Antara Movie NFT to distribute the movie in theaters and/or streaming channels, tying the Arabian Camel community into millions of dollars worth of value in the real world. 

Arabian Camels have also collaborated with Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire, whose token has recently rocketed 1500 percent and reached a market cap of $100M. Dominic Ryder’s protocol is in the process of designing and creating the ANTARA Play-To-Earn game, which has already gotten the attention of some prominent VC firms. The multiplayer raiding game is expected to plant the Arabian Camels brand and the Antara IP firmly into the Metaverse, and add another layer of value for Arabian Camels holders. The game is set to bring fun and reliable income to thousands of players in developing countries and will run off of a scholarship model. The Arabian Camels NFTs are now to be a commodity and have functionality within the game. In conjunction, they will also be launching their very own gaming token, the in-game currency that is set to be listed on major Cryptocurrency exchanges.

The production of the movie was meticulously put together with the help of professors of Arabic Literature from Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and the School of Oriental and African studies, meaning it’s not another Marvel. It has a very rich, intelligent, and powerful historical appeal. It was originally set to be shot in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, but Abu Dhabi, as a modern tech hub, has also shown a keen willingness to accommodate the production, to be credited as the ones that helped to bring this epic story to the world. The production team is currently assessing which of the Middle Eastern regions can offer the best incentives and working conditions for the production.

The story of Antara is reminiscent of both Alexander the Great and Romeo and Juliet, of the Middle East. His story has been told repeatedly for the past 1,500 years. He was a black slave in ancient/pre-Islamic Arabia, who won his freedom and became a lofty knight. He rose to stardom in the 5th century, not only due to his character and prowess on the battlefield but also, his miraculous talent as a poet. His poetry was held in such high regard, that it was actually sewn in gold, and suspended on the Kaaba in Mecca before the days of Islam. To this day, if one studies Arabic Literature in Oxford or Cambridge, the poetry of Antara is still studied and revered.

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Antara is a feature film directed by one of the most sought-after Hollywood Directors, that covers the life and adventures of Antara Ibn Shaddad, a desert warrior from ancient pre-Islamic Arabia. The film is the first big-budget film to be funded by an NFT, before its theatre and streaming debut, as well as the first NFT, to facilitate this type of royalty sharing. As part of the ‘Antara IP’ a transmedia rollout, the film is a part of a franchise that includes 3 sequels, crypto infused ‘Assassins Creed Styled’ multi-player game, a comic, and a strong brand with a long term merchandising and licensing strategy.

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The Arabian Camels are the first part of the Antara NFT collection, an integral part of the Antara IP transmedia rollout. The Arabian Camels NFT acts as a pass to unlock several perks and incentives. The Arabian Camels NFTs introduced a never-before-seen utility, which allows NFT holders to be an integral part of, and benefit from the exciting world of movies, gaming, and Transmedia.

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