Aptive Environmental Experiences 10% Rise in Customer Requests for Rodent Services During Winter Months

Pest control company provides tips to keep rodents at bay this holiday season

PROVO, Utah, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aptive Environmental, one of the leading pest control companies in North America, is helping consumers prepare their homes for the holidays. According to data collected by Aptive, between now and March, requests for rodent services increase by 10%. Increased rodent activity is a result of an influx of food being available and chillier outdoor temperatures driving pests indoors.

When prepping for seasonal festivities, many people consider things like décor, recipes, gifts and cosmetic home improvements to prepare for invited guests; but, people overlook the uninvited pests. Pest control is an important step for holiday prep.

“A common misconception among homeowners is that pests die off in colder seasons, when in fact, the colder months often lure them inside our homes more,” says CEO and Co-Founder of Aptive Environmental, Vess Pearson. “Our goal is to help our customers enjoy the moments that truly matter and leave the pest problems to the experts at Aptive.”

By knowing the type of pests that may intrude, consumers can be aware of how to prevent or spot them. During the winter months, rodents are the second most requested pest service in states such as Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Washington, due in part to their chillier climates driving rodents indoors. Other pests of concern in the home during the winter months include spiders, ants and roaches.

Aptive Environmental has made a list, and hopes you check it twice, with solutions to have a worry-free holiday season:

  • Check rooms with low activity – Most often the garage is the easiest place for rodents to enter, although they are excellent climbers and will find their way into attics as well. It’s possible to find them inside the living space of the home especially if doors or windows are open. Even double check your car to ensure no rodents have taken shelter.
  • Be mindful of decorations – Whether you are buying a fresh new tree that could contain tiny critters, or taking out decorations from the attic, check all items and dust them off before putting them up.
  • Store pet food – Rodents and ants love pet food (dog, cat and bird feed). Try to limit food exposure to mealtimes only.
  • Seal any gaps/holes – Seal up gaps/openings in the walls of the home with materials that rodents cannot easily chew through. Steel wool combined with expanding foam can provide a quick fix in many cases.
  • Keep firewood away from the home – Many people like to cozy up with a warm fire during the holiday season, but wood can be an intriguing home for many pests. Be sure to store firewood in a dry area away from the home to avoid pests making their way inside.
  • Hire a professional – Let an Aptive expert with extensive training provide a comprehensive service designed to treat and prevent an infestation to keep the home enjoyable this holiday season, and year-round.

For more information about how to keep your home pest-free this holiday season, or to learn more about Aptive’s Pest Management, visit www.GoAptive.com.

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Aptive Environmental provides residential and commercial pest services to nearly 5,000 cities across North America. It was the youngest company featured on Glassdoor's Top 100 U.S. workplaces in 2019 and is ranked one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Best Companies in America. Aptive is also a proud member of the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s "Nothing But Nets" to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by mosquito bites. To learn about Aptive Environmental, visit www.GoAptive.com or find the company on Facebook (@AptiveEnvironmental), Twitter (@Go_Aptive), Instagram (@Aptive.Environmental) or LinkedIn (@AptiveEnvironmental).

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