World’s First Embeddable Decentralized Exchange, AlgoSwap, Launches on Algorand

World’s First Embeddable Decentralized Exchange, AlgoSwap, Launches on Algorand

Austin, Texas, United States, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Algorand-based startup, HEADLINE INC, has successfully built and deployed a customizable, embeddable decentralized exchange. With a 7-line snippet of code, anyone building Dapps (decentralized applications) on the Algorand blockchain can now integrate their own custom DEX solution. AlgoSwap is compatible with every major web platform including WordPress, WebFlow, Django, Gatsby, Ghost, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and many more. If the idea of a decentralized crypto exchange running on Squarespace sounds like science fiction, that’s because it was, until now. 

HEADLINE’s decentralized exchange, AlgoSwap, is a groundbreaking achievement for several key reasons. AlgoSwap effectively condenses the DEX experience into a no-code widget. This allows Algorand blockchain developers to easily build their own custom DEX, with absolutely no coding required. Giving every blockchain developer access to enterprise-grade software like AlgoSwap has broad Web 3.0 implications. 

Russ Wilcox, a Partner at Pillar VC, which was an early investor in Algorand (not investors in HEADLINE INC), had this to say on Twitter, regarding AlgoSwap:

"Every web3 project can easily have its own token with tools like this." 

That sentiment was echoed by Algorand-based non-profit, AlgoMeow, whose singular objective is to improve the lives of cats and kittens via charitable donations to animal shelters: 

“Our friends at HEADLINE continue to impress. The AlgoSwap DEX solution allows you to swap MEOW tokens directly on our site! It took us less than 45 seconds to implement. 0 coding knowledge required; works with all ASAs on Tinyman.”

In addition to non-profits, AlgoSwap has already been integrated into a range of Algorand ecosystem projects including play-to-earn games, NFT collection home pages, and decentralized analytics solutions. 

For AlgoSwap’s underlying function to be achieved, it took an arrangement of technical factors that were simply not possible on other blockchains. Algorand’s layer-1 pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol was instrumental in this regard. HEADLINE founder Aaron Martinez gave the following statement, reflecting on the environmental variables that made AlgoSwap a matter of science fact, not science fiction:

“This (AlgoSwap) would be nearly impossible on other chains. Algorand’s technology is second to none. Zero forks, zero downtime; one of the sharpest core protocol teams in the industry. A lot of people call Algorand the smart chain. But protocol alone would not be enough for this (AlgoSwap) to be possible. Another team, TinyMan, built one of the cleanest and most efficient single-source AMM DEXs available. The smart contracts that power it (TinyMan DEX) are rock solid. What AlgoSwap does, in a nutshell, extends the TinyMan AMM liquidity pools, providing an all-new, fully customizable no-code DEX solution, which in turn, allows anyone and everyone to build their own DEX.”

Martinez was also quick to point out that, “While there may be theoretical models or demos on other chains (for embeddable DEXs), we have not, in our research, found an in-production model anywhere. We believe that AlgoSwap is in fact, the world’s first embeddable, truly extensible DEX solution.”

This proliferation of advanced blockchain technology is taking the Algorand ecosystem by storm. Diverse projects are migrating to Algorand from other chains, drawn to the low fee, high throughput network, constantly improving protocol, robust developer environment, and bleeding-edge technology innovation. Algorand is also a carbon-negative blockchain, with major investment at the intersection of DeFi and renewable energy. 

HEADLINE INC plays a pivotal role in driving the adoption of Algorand. In addition to AlgoSwap, HEADLINE is committed to the ongoing development AlgoPay, a companion no-code payment solution that is fully integrated on over 50 Algorand e-commerce and small business websites. HEADLINE is also the force behind several other key Algorand ecosystem projects including FORUM - a proof-of-stake social network, AlgoCloud - a SAAS platform for enterprise businesses, and PIPELINE-UI. PIPELINE-UI is a blockchain developer toolkit built in collaboration with the Algorand Foundation. 

To learn more about Algorand and proof-of-stake blockchains, continue to the Algorand developer portal. If you are interested in learning more about HEADLINE, please visit the HEADLINE INC corporate website. For immediate AlgoSwap integration, jump straight to the AlgoSwap landing page and join the next DeFi revolution.

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