CannaVault Systems Inc. Announces Child & Contamination Safe Storage for Cannabis in Personal and Commercial Applications

GRAND FORKS, British Columbia, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After almost 4 years of development, CannaVault™ Systems Inc. is proud to announce the launching of the first product of its kind, combining Child Safety and CO2 storage for cannabis in a home appliance! CO2 has been proven to aid in the storage of perishables and is used extensively in the food and beverage industry. CannaVault™ combined that knowledge with sensors and phone apps, creating a “Child Safe” and “Contamination Safe” storage system for cannabis. The CannaVault™ Basic Model is made with a 16 gauge stainless steel outside jacket, covering over a 12 gauge stainless steel pressure vessel and sliding drawer.

Child Safety
Each unit will have access only through the CannaVault™ App. Open/Close unit, check temperature, humidity and more with the app. Monitor unit at a glance with LED indication for power, WiFi and CO2.

Contamination Safe
Sensors detect the CO2 levels replacing the oxygen and maintaining freshness while stopping mold growth and bug infestation.

About CannaVault™ Systems Inc.
CannaVault™ Systems Inc. is a BC company developing secure and contamination safe storage systems for the Canadian cannabis market in personal and commercial applications. We also have several models currently in the development phase.

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