PSYC Continues to Bolster Leadership Team with Key Sales & Branding Advisory Board Appointments


LAKE OSWEGO, OR, Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC) (“Global” “PSYC” or the “Company”) a media leader for the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, and authorities behind Psychedelic Spotlight, a top ranking psychedelic news and information platform, is pleased to announce that as the Company continues to devote considerable focus towards strengthening its core leadership team, it is proud to welcome Mitchell J. Schlesinger and Sarah Abelsohn to the growing PSYC Advisory Board as key sales and branding expert additions.

Combined with the recent additions of Christopher Bitonti and Craig Schlesinger, the Company believes it is effectively rounding out the PSYC Advisory Board with passionate professionals who can contribute a wealth of vital knowledge and expertise to the Company and its growing Psychedelic Spotlight team across the fields of business operations, financial management, marketing, sales, and branding. 

With more than 30 years of experience in creative advertising, strategic marketing, and branding, which includes working for global brands including Avis Rent-A-Car, Norwegian Cruises, Costa Cruises, and Marco Polo Cruises, the Company will look to Mr. Schlesinger for guidance and leadership with strategic brand messaging and developing and implementing sales and marketing Key Performance Indicators (“K.P.I.’s”) for its Psychedelic Spotlight media platform in addition to refining PSYC’s evolving image within the public market sector. 

“I spent my career building brands with unique product positionings and innovating them by designing strategic brand implementation programming,” said Mr. Schlesinger. “The emerging psychedelic sector is especially unique on several fronts and the cutting edge of revolutionary medicinal therapies. I look forward to working with the PSYC team to innovate, monetize, and solidify the Company’s position as the sector’s dominant news, multimedia, and business platform for both consumers and business partners. It’s an exciting time to join PSYC’s dynamic team.”

Ms. Abelsohn, meanwhile, will transition into her role as an Advisor for PSYC after serving as the Director of Psychedelic Spotlight since early 2021. She initially joined the Psychedelic Spotlight team in June 2020 as a sales and marketing consultant and played an integral role over the past year-and-a-half with developing the dynamic, industry leading, visual brand aesthetic that is now associated with Psychedelic Spotlight. 

“It gives me great pride to be joining the PSYC advisory board,” said Ms. Abelsohn. “I am excited to continue lending my insight and support to the team and to help impact the growth of our ever-expanding audience for Psychedelic Spotlight. I believe there is so much in store for this talented team, I'm humbled at the opportunity to be an Advisor, and excited for what's to come.”

“Surrounding the Psychedelic Spotlight team and myself with highly-skilled individuals who are inspired and passionate about what we are building here at PSYC provides us with, what I think, is a very unique competitive advantage in terms of our ability to continue executing on our fundamental growth and monetization-focused initiatives throughout 2022 and beyond,” said PSYC CEO, David Flores. “A critical part of our existing monetization initiatives, in my opinion, are tied directly to our ability to develop and deploy effective sales, marketing, and branding initiatives. For this reason, I am confident that the additions of Mr. Schlesinger and Ms. Abelsohn to the PSYC Advisory Board will prove extremely beneficial for PSYC based on the dynamic expertise, knowledge, and passion they will each be able to contribute at this pivotal time in our Company’s growth.” 

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