Perfect Company Launches ProPrep™ Software to Optimize Kitchen Operations at Station Level

Perfect’s software provides real-time intelligence that empowers crew members and managers, minimizes training and optimizes store performance

Vancouver, Washington, UNITED STATES

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perfect Company, a leading provider of technology solutions addressing operational challenges for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced today the launch of ProPrep™. The new station-level software provides real-time intelligence to restaurant staff so they can better manage all aspects of the prep process, ultimately minimizing training time and empowering staff with information that will improve overall team and store performance. Additionally, the company is launching Perfect Kitchen Operating System (PKOS), a transformative technology suite that manages store administration and multi-location reporting.

“Successfully running a restaurant back-of-house is an enormous feat that involves staff training, ingredient management, food safety and so much more, all at a fast pace. All of these things – and whether they are run well – can make or break a food service business,” said Mike Wallace, Co-Founder and CEO of Perfect Company. “Reliance on arcane paper-based guides or imperfect crew procedures have often led to food waste and slow output. With ProPrep, crew members are visually guided to do their jobs more efficiently and without guesswork. ProPrep helps with training time and instantly builds crew confidence, enabling them to have more accurate visibility into how much food to actually prep and cook.”

For crew members, the ProPrep software system assists in preparing for service, using artificial intelligence and consistent learning to integrate daily forecast estimates and live order streams. The solution identifies restaurant traffic and ordering patterns to help staff prepare accordingly. Kitchen crews can determine daily and, as needed, hourly par levels for items that require advanced preparation, and tasks are sequenced and scheduled based on the restaurant’s guidelines and each individual recipe. Each step of the food preparation and recipe execution process is automatically broken down into precise and understandable steps. Additionally, ProPrep’s timing function serves as a reminder device, improving food quality and consistency.

Moving forward, the Perfect restaurant suite will expand to include software that helps crew members better manage grills, fryers and more.

For restaurant managers, ProPrep drives continuous improvement, analyzing store-level data from over 1,000 activities to highlight trends and opportunities that managers can use to coach kitchen crews to execute better each time. Operators are able to oversee and manage ProPrep and adjust the system to account for limited time offerings, menu or recipe changes, in addition to managing locations and performance systemwide in real time.

The PKOS system overlays store administration, user administration and reporting functionality, allowing integration of Perfect Company’s station-level solutions for end-to-end seamless operations in the back-of-house. Real-time, predictive analytics and forecast feeds are funneled through PKOS to the various component-level solutions, including ProPrep.

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