CBD Pouches by Canndid are a Discreet and Tasty Choice for CBD Lovers Desiring a Dose On the Go

Canndid is a CBD brand known for its high-quality products that offer retailers high margins, including CBD pouches, CBD tea, CBD tinctures, etc. The products are certified by experts and offer a higher value for money than what competitors’ CBD products do.

London, UK, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to announcements released by Canndid and David Hughes, CBD pouches by this business have twice the amount of CBD and 33% more pouches compared to what the main competitor offers – 20mg vs. 10mg. The business markets this high-margin product range through its UK and EU offices. Shops in the UK and Europe can obtain these pouches, CBD teas, and CBD edibles from Canndid at attractive CBD wholesale UK distributor prices. The business has submitted its UK novel foods application.

CBD pouches by Canndid are a discreet and tasty alternative to CBD capsules and CBD gummies. These pouches are not chewed, and there's no way one can know that someone has these delectable goodies; they can easily be consumed even on the go. CBD pouches are already becoming a favorite with the connoisseurs, and it's a matter of time before casual and medical use of CBD pouches catches on in the UK.

In January 2022, Canndid will launch its range of supplements for gut health and comfortable menopause. The new year will see extensive marketing by the business in the UK. It is signing up influencers for this branding push. It is also reaching out to CBD stockists keen on partnering with a brand that offers high-margin products registering good sales.

CBD pouches are also known as CBD dips or CBD dip pouches. The pouches are essentially pockets containing flavored coconut plant material. These pouches do not contain nicotine or tobacco and are not addictive. The active ingredient in these pouches is CBD; there’s no THC present and thus no risk of the consumer feeling high. CBD pouches are safe for use anytime and anywhere and offer several benefits. The pouches are available in attractive gift sets.

CBD lovers can also choose from CBD tea, CBD hot chocolate, CBD tinctures, and CBD gummies available at Canndid.
For more information, go to https://www.canndid.co.uk/

David Hughes of Canndid said, "Canndid is looking forward to announcing its influencer partnerships in 2022 and introducing its gut health supplements range to retailers in the UK & IRL. Since launching Canndid, the team has been delighted with the reception of their products by the public. Canndid tinctures have gotten fantastic reviews online, and David is excited to launch the CBD pouches, a unique product for CBD lovers. For details of official distributors or how to stock Canndid please contact via canndid.co.uk.

Everyone at Canndid is looking forward to the growth and incoming regulations that will make the CBD industry one of the most exciting spaces to work in. Head over to the Canndid shop and find the right CBD product for you. Canndid CBD pouches come in a little pot where you’ll find 20 individual pouches, each providing 20 mg of CBD.

The recognized dose is reassuring and easy to keep track of. People using CBD oil can be unsure of their amount because the advertised CBD milligram content refers to the whole bottle. Unless you know how much is contained in one dropper, you might take too much or too little. But with pouches, you have that security and, of course, if there are ten pouches gone from your pot, you've consumed 200 mg, or someone else has been dipping in."

About the Company:

Canndid offers a range of CBD products for consumers who lead active lifestyles and wish to remain healthy. For a list of the major distributors for the UK and EU please contact canndid direct.

This brand focuses on wellness, and its CBD pouches are set to offer users an experience hitherto unavailable. High-quality and healthful CBD products by Canndid are available with 10% off on the first order.

Website: https://www.canndid.co.uk/

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzRxBc0fw98


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