JumpTask Announces Its First Partner - the Honeygain Passive Income App

The gig economy-based remote work platform is joining forces with a passive income application that's been leading the industry for over two years and currently has millions of users sharing bandwidth on its apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


TALLINN, Estonia, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The primary goal of the JumpTask application is to revolutionize the gig economy by lowering the entry bar, enabling more people worldwide to benefit from passive income opportunities, and providing businesses with an opportunity to outsource their microtasks to a global workforce instead of overloading their workers or hiring new teams on a temporary basis. It is also aiming to introduce more people to the world of cryptocurrencies, as all the transactions on the platform are made using its own coin called JumpToken (JMPT).

The platform's first official partner, Honeygain, is a world-leading crowdsourced web intelligence network that provides its users around the globe with an opportunity to earn money passively. Due to its multi-million user base and strong social media presence, Honeygain provides JumpTask with access to a massive global audience - which has already proven to be an incredible turnover potential booster, as more than 15,000 Honeygain users joined the new JumpTask mode in its first 24 hours.

Honeygain has always prided itself on allowing its users to earn effortlessly by simply leaving the application running on their devices and sharing their extra bandwidth. This aligned perfectly with JumpTask's aim to offer remote earning opportunities that require little to no skill or experience and minimal time commitments. "Honeygain seemed like a natural fit for JumpTask since the team already has years of experience in crowdsourcing on a global level - moreover, it was already catering for those interested in cryptocurrencies by offering payments in Bitcoin," JumpTask's CEO and co-founder Juozapas M. Preiksa explains.

The JumpTask application is set to launch in the nearest months, but Honeygain users can already have their first taste by either choosing JMPT as a payout option or switching to a new JumpTask mode in their Honeygain web dashboard. Partnering up with JumpTask and adding JMPT as a new payout option will allow Honeygain to not only offer instant payouts with no must-reach thresholds to its users but also minimize transaction costs as much as possible.

About JumpTask

JumpTask is a gig economy-based marketplace that allows companies and organizations to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce. It is expected to attract up to 50 million new users in the next two years. JumpTask also aims to help gig workers discover and explore the crypto world by using its own cryptocurrency (JumpToken, or JMPT) for all platform-related payments. In the next two years, JumpTask is expected to grow its user base to 50 million active users and offer over a dozen microtask types that require little to no skills or experience to complete. 


Visit: www.jumptask.io

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