Insights on the Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Global Market to 2026 - Featuring Fosun Pharmaceutical, Alma Lasers and Sciton Among Others

Dublin, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market by Technology Type (Cryolipolysis, Ultrasound, Low-Level Lasers, and Others), Gender (Female and Male), End-Use (Hospitals, Stand Alone Practices, Multispecialty Clinics, and Others), and Geography - Global Forecast up to 2026" report has been added to's offering.

The non-surgical fat reduction method is a treatment where fat cells in specified areas are damaged which helps in minimizing the size of fat pockets. The non-surgical fat reduction method can be applied to any part of the body where fat has accumulated. Various FDA-approved treatments are present to reduce fat gently without any surgery in the non-surgical fat reduction market.

The Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market is projected to grow at the rate of 9.6% CAGR by 2026. The growing obese population is leading to an increasing number of health problems around the world. Subsequently, awareness among the public regarding the negative impacts of obesity is increasing. The demand for minimally invasive or non-surgical treatments for fat reduction is spurring with the increasing health concerns. Therefore, the factors mentioned above have a significant contribution to the overall growth of the non-surgical fat reduction market. At the same time, the enormous costs incurred in treatment and the potential adverse impacts on the skin in the treatment are the factors likely to limit the market's growth.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market by Technology Type

  • Cryolipolysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Low-Level Lasers
  • Others

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market by Gender

  • Female
  • Male

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market by End-Use

  • Hospitals
  • Stand Alone Practices
  • Multispecialty Clinics
  • Others

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Market by Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

As per the market based on technology type, the market is divided into cryolipolysis, ultrasound, low-level lasers, and others. Among them, the cryolipolysis segment has the maximum share in the non-surgical fat reduction market. Cryolipolysis is also known as a fat freezing method, where low temperatures are used to freeze the body fat to destroy the fat cells in a specific area. The public mainly adopts this type of technology because of affordability, no downtime, and minimal risk, which boosts this type of technology.

Based on gender, the female population segment is dominating the market. This is due to the massive demand for non-surgical fat reduction techniques in women. Moreover, women are giving more preference for aesthetics, and therefore adopting various shaping procedures drives the growth of the market in this segment.

The end-users of the non-surgical fat reduction market include hospitals, stand-alone practices, multispecialty clinics, and others. The hospital segment is holding a significant share in the market. This is because the hospitals are well equipped with superior technology, fat reduction equipment, professional physicians, and the necessary infrastructure to perform such fat reduction procedures. Furthermore, most people prefer reliable and trustworthy procedures under professional supervision.

In terms of geographical analysis, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world. Among them, North America has a significant contribution to the market share. The major share of North America is attributed to the increasing trend of body shaping, growth in the obesity population, and rising research and developments in this region.

Increasing intake of high-carbohydrate foods and an inactive lifestyle are contributing to obesity prevalence. Thus, with the rising prevalence of disease, the preference for body shaping treatment is increasing. In addition, with the increasing age, the skin is vulnerable to dangling and aging effects. Therefore, expanding the geriatric population base and growing acceptance of various body fat reduction techniques in developed countries will impact the market demand.

The non-surgical fat reduction market includes various participants such as Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Alma Lasers, Ltd., Invasix Aesthetic Solutions, ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc., Cutera, Inc., Syneron Medical Ltd., Venus Concept Canada Corp., Cynosure, Inc., Sciton, Inc., En. S.p.A. and Fotona d.d

Thus, the non-surgical fat reduction has played a prominent role in the present scenario of beauty consciousness among the public. Moreover, the increasing awareness about the adverse effects of surgical fat reduction procedures is shifting people towards non-surgical fat reduction procedures.

  • This report offers an overall analysis of the non-surgical reduction market to describe the significant investment pockets in the market.
  • This study also describes the present and future trends to ascertain the overall attractiveness and identify the profitable trends to achieve a possible foothold in the market.
  • This report also offers detailed information on the key drivers, restraints, and opportunities with an influence analysis.
  • The study also offers an analysis of the market geographically regarding various regions such as Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and the RoW.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Outlook

3. Market Snapshot
3.1. Market Definition
3.2. Market Outlook
3.2.1. PEST Analysis
3.2.2. Porter Five Forces
3.3. Related Markets

4. Market characteristics
4.1. Market Evolution
4.2. Market Trends and Impact
4.3. Advantages/Disadvantages of Market
4.4. Regulatory Impact
4.5. Market Offerings
4.6. Market Segmentation
4.7. Market Dynamics
4.7.1. Drivers
4.7.2. Restraints
4.7.3. Opportunities
4.8. DRO - Impact Analysis

5. Technology Type: Market Size & Analysis
5.1. Overview
5.2. Cryolipolysis
5.3. Ultrasound
5.4. Low-Level Lasers
5.5. Others

6. Gender: Market Size & Analysis
6.1. Overview
6.2. Female
6.3. Male

7. End-Use: Market Size & Analysis
7.1. Overview
7.2. Hospitals
7.3. Stand Alone Practices
7.4. Multispecialty Clinics
7.5. Others

8. Geography: Market Size & Analysis
8.1. Overview
8.2. North America
8.3. Europe
8.4. Asia Pacific
8.5. Rest of the World

9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Competitor Comparison Analysis
9.2. Market Developments
9.2.1. Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, Awards, Partnerships
9.2.2. Product Launches and execution

10. Vendor Profiles
10.1. Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
10.1.1. Overview
10.1.2. Financial Overview
10.1.3. Product Offerings
10.1.4. Developments
10.1.5. Business Strategy
10.2. Alma Lasers, Ltd.
10.2.1. Overview
10.2.2. Financial Overview
10.2.3. Product Offerings
10.2.4. Developments
10.2.5. Business Strategy
10.3. Invasix Aesthetic Solutions
10.3.1. Overview
10.3.2. Financial Overview
10.3.3. Product Offerings
10.3.4. Developments
10.3.5. Business Strategy
10.4. ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.
10.4.1. Overview
10.4.2. Financial Overview
10.4.3. Product Offerings
10.4.4. Developments
10.4.5. Business Strategy
10.5. Cutera, Inc.
10.5.1. Overview
10.5.2. Financial Overview
10.5.3. Product Offerings
10.5.4. Developments
10.5.5. Business Strategy
10.6. Syneron Medical Ltd.
10.6.1. Overview
10.6.2. Financial Overview
10.6.3. Product Offerings
10.6.4. Developments
10.6.5. Business Strategy
10.7. Venus Concept Canada Corp.
10.7.1. Overview
10.7.2. Financial Overview
10.7.3. Product Offerings
10.7.4. Developments
10.7.5. Business Strategy
10.8. Cynosure, Inc.
10.8.1. Overview
10.8.2. Financial Overview
10.8.3. Product Offerings
10.8.4. Developments
10.8.5. Business Strategy
10.9. Sciton, Inc.
10.9.1. Overview
10.9.2. Financial Overview
10.9.3. Product Offerings
10.9.4. Developments
10.9.5. Business Strategy
10.10. En. S.p.A.
10.10.1. Overview
10.10.2. Financial Overview
10.10.3. Product Offerings
10.10.4. Developments
10.10.5. Business Strategy

11. Companies to Watch
11.1. Fotona d.d
11.1.1. Overview
11.1.2. Products & Services
11.1.3. Business Strategy

12. Analyst Opinion

13. Annexure

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