Omnia Wellness to Penetrate the $20B Chiropractic Industry, Management Will Attend Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022 Event on Feb. 10-12

  • Company to Announce “Next-Level Care Challenge” marketing campaign to access largest gathering of chiropractors, chiropractic assistants and vendors
  • Key opportunity to network and expand its chiropractic business opportunities and gain market share for its Solajet Therapy Systems advanced technologies

DENVER, Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omnia Wellness Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC US: OMWS), a health and wellness company commercializing advanced therapeutic technologies, today announced that its Solajet Therapy Systems subsidiary will participate in the Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022 at The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on February 10-12, 2022.

This event is the world’s largest gathering of chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic vendors. It gives the Company a key opportunity to network and prospect for new chiropractic business opportunities to gain market share for its Solajet “Endo-Kinetic” therapies and diversify its revenue and customer base.

“The Parker Seminars event offers us a tremendous opportunity for our Solajet therapies to access the largest chiropractic audiences in the industry. We look forward to introducing our therapies with chiropractors from all over the world to increase adoption of our Advance Care Treatments to gain market share in the $20 billion chiropractic industry,” said Steve Howe, Omnia Wellness Executive Chairman. “We expect that our dynamic marketing strategy that allows for a brief trial period and an attractive pay-per-use payment structure will be effective in expanding the number of chiropractic offices that will feature our “hands-free” Endo-Kinetic treatment therapies.”

At the event, the Company will be announcing a marketing campaign entitled, the “Next Level Care Challenge” on the exhibit hall that will feature and display several of its Solajet Advanced Care Treatment therapies which includes its AquaVive Hyper-Thermic Contrast Therapy, HyperCryo Spot Therapy, SolaJet Dry-Hydrotherapy System, and SolaPro Deep Tissue Massage.

The exhibit will focus on how the therapies are beneficial to chiropractic patients by delivering fast relief for individual’s aches and pains, utilizing external forces to create a targeted therapeutic effect, and drastically improving a patient’s circulatory and lymphatic system. Additionally, chiropractors that are interested in adding the Advanced Care Treatments to their practices’ therapeutic repertoire will be offered an introductory 30-day free trial period for each therapy modality enabling them to retain the treatment modalities are suitable for their patients while paying only for the hours that those therapies are used.

Solajet Therapy Systems will host its exhibit in Paris Exhibit Hall, space 543 throughout the event. For ongoing current photos and video from the event, follow Omnia Wellness on the following social media sites:

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About Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022

Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022 will have approximately 3,200 people in attendance and is recognized as the largest gathering of chiropractors, chiropractic assistants and chiropractic vendors in the world. This event is the first of two North American programs every year with the second one taking place in Dallas in October that coincides with Parker University’s Homecoming. Parker Seminars embrace the entire profession, regardless of one’s philosophy or techniques. Not only is it a place of inspiration, learning, networking and motivation, but each seminar also offers a variety of continuing-education options for both the Doctor of Chiropractic and chiropractic assistant, which focus on certain areas including the latest advances in musculoskeletal health and chiropractic techniques from dozens of experts in the chiropractic field. Some of the biggest names in chiropractic provide tips on patient communication, philosophy, health and wellness, personal development, how to develop a successful mindset, how to offer higher level of patient care, various ways to increase patient retention, and other specialties including marketing and business management. In addition, the seminars include the largest expo in the profession, where vendors display the latest industry products and technologies. International Parker Seminars are made possible through professional alliances with international organizations, in effort to raise funds for chiropractic research and education — and advance chiropractic in those countries.

About Omnia Wellness Inc.

Omnia Wellness Inc. is an innovative developer of a disruptive dry-hydrotherapy technology for massage, fitness, and medical applications. Through its subsidiaries Omnia Wellness Inc. and Solajet® Financing Company, Omnia Wellness intends to commercialize SolaJet’s Dry-Hydrotherapy, Endo-Kinetic™ technology, which provides deep tissue suppression, therapeutic heat, vibration and a flushing full-body “wave” combining four therapies in one. Treatments are designed to deliver the feeling similar to an hour-long traditional massage in as little as 15 minutes at an affordable price point for the consumer. In response to COVID-19, the Company is emphasizing its technology as “touchless” therapy. It is the expectation of Omnia Wellness to create a national chain of “BodyStop® Relaxation and Therapeutic Centers,” with the first BodyStop® opened in the third quarter of 2021, and “BodyStop® Recovery Zones” available at fitness clubs.

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