One Month After Launching a Crypto Token, JumpTask Already Has 160K+ Users Worldwide

The decentralized workforce platform introduced its own coin called JumpToken (JMPT) on January 13. Less than 30 days later, it's already among the Top 100 BSC ecosystem tokens globally, judging by the number of holders.

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "We are thrilled to see the adoption of JMPT growing quickly, and we expect the trend to persist - after all, it's the token that fuels a sustainable business, a global remote work platform, and the demand for additional earning opportunities is universal," JumpTask's CEO and co-founder Juozapas M. Preiksa points out. At the time of writing, the JumpTask app has just over 160K registered users, and the number of JMPT holders is getting close to 37K. In less than a month, there have already been 73K+ transactions in JMPT.

JMPT Supply Allocation: a Breakdown

During the token creation, the team of JumpTask issued a fixed supply of 100,000,000 JMPT. "We're not planning to release, mine, or burn any tokens, since we strive to establish a working business model rather than build up hype through artificial appreciation," Preiksa explains. The total supply is divided into five sections that reflect the main needs of the platform: Product and Partnerships (50%), Team (20%), Research and Development (16%), Marketing (12%), and Liquidity Pool (2%).

In January, JumpTask signed a deal with its first official partner - a passive income application Honeygain. Partnering up with Honeygain enabled JumpTask to reach millions of users interested in ways to earn online without investing too much time and effort - and in return, Honeygain scored an opportunity to provide its users with much faster and cheaper payouts. Having received a share of JMPT reserved for Product and Partnerships, Honeygain decided to lock a significant part of it (5,900,000 JMPT) for six months.

Locking the Liquidity Pool

2% of the total JMPT supply (2,000,000) is reserved for the Liquidity Pool - which is a must for any sustainable crypto project. Without funds reserved for liquidity, investors would not be able to trade their tokens in a speedy and flexible manner. JumpTask has decided to lock 25% of its Liquidity Pool for one year using the Team Finance locker from TrustSwap.

Since locked funds make it impossible for the project's team to cash out and leave the project early in the game, locking a portion of a Liquidity Pool acts as an anti-scam guarantee and a sign of trustworthiness. "We want our users and investors to understand that we're not here for a quick ride - we strive to have a massive and long-term impact on the gig economy industry," JumpTask's CBDO Adomas Ronkaitis concludes.

About JumpTask 

JumpTask is a gig economy-based marketplace that allows businesses to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce. It is expected to attract up to 50 million new users in the next two years.


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