Rose Focus Tattoo Removal Transforms Unwanted Tattoos with the Astanza Duality in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, Texas, Feb. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rose Focus Tattoo Removal, a rising laser tattoo removal practice in Dallas, is now offering treatments using the latest in laser technology, the Astanza Duality. Rose Focus Tattoo Removal specializes in removing and fading unwanted tattoos to help individuals feel comfortable and confident in their skin. In addition to offering complete tattoo removal, fading for cover-ups, and selective tattoo removal, Rose Focus also removes unwanted permanent makeup. 

“After experiencing the positive impact of laser tattoo removal myself, I knew this was something I wanted to share with others,” said Kristelle Garcia, owner. “Tattoo regret is more than skin deep. It invokes a feeling of shame, embarrassment, and even triggers painful memories for many. Thanks to our advanced laser technology and passionate team, Rose Focus Tattoo Removal can help others transform their skin. 

Rose Focus Tattoo Removal operates within Controversy Ink Tattoo Studio, a leading Dallas tattoo shop. Contrary to popular belief, laser tattoo removal and tattooing work hand in hand, especially when creating flawless cover-ups. Fading a tattoo before a cover-up can eliminate size, color, and creative restrictions that would otherwise limit a tattoo artist’s execution. Rose Focus Tattoo Removal believes laser tattoo removal is more than just an eraser; it’s a tool that helps people remove the tattoos they don’t want to make room for the art they truly desire.

The Astanza Duality featured at Rose Focus Tattoo Removal is considered the gold standard for removing unwanted ink. This innovative Q-switched Nd:YAG laser produces 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths which shatter a wide range of tattoo pigments. Furthermore, these wavelengths can safely treat all skin types, including darker tones IV through VI. The Duality’s ultra-quick pulse duration matched with its high energy creates intense peak power for optimal ink shattering, faster fading, and better results in fewer sessions.

“Kristelle and the team at Rose Focus Tattoo Removal are dedicated to safe application, great results, and even better customer service,” said Bryce Fisher, Astanza Account Representative. “They’ve created an environment where clients really feel welcome, and that says a lot about their mission of helping others. We’re proud to see our Astanza Duality represented by such an empathetic practice.”

To celebrate its grand opening, Rose Focus Tattoo Removal is offering 40% off for new clients who book an appointment by May 1, 2022.

About Rose Focus Tattoo Removal

Rose Focus Tattoo Removal specializes in advanced laser tattoo removal treatments, including fading for cover-ups, complete removal, and selective removal. They are located inside of Controversy Ink Tattoo Studio and can connect interested cover-up clients with Controversy’s team of talented artists. The staff at Rose Focus Tattoo Removal received expert training from New Look Laser College, the world’s leading laser tattoo removal training program, and earned the designations of Certified Laser Specialist (CLS), Laser Safety Officer (LSO), and are well-versed in operating advanced Q-switched laser technology.

To schedule a free consultation or to learn more about Rose Focus Tattoo Removal, visit, call (646) 221-4925, or follow Rose Focus Tattoo Removal on Instagram and Facebook. Rose Focus Tattoo Removal is located at 3211 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220.

About Astanza Laser

Astanza is the leader in lasers for tattoo removal, hair removal, and additional aesthetic procedures. In addition to delivering cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Trinity, MeDioStar, and DermaBlate systems, Astanza offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services to achieve success in this growing field. Astanza is an award-winning company that has received several accolades from leading industry organizations, including MyFaceMyBody and Aesthetic Everything. They are also certified as a “Great Place to Work.”

Astanza Laser is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with customers throughout North America and Europe. For product, investor, or press information, call (800) 364-9010, or visit Connect with Astanza on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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