Friday Health Plans Triples Membership During the 2022 Open Enrollment Period

The insurance carrier becomes one of the fastest growing Affordable Care Act health plans

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Denver, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enrollment in Friday Health Plans, a company created to simplify health insurance for the individual and family market, grew its membership by more than 300% as it expanded its 2022 offerings to 185 counties across seven states. The Denver-based carrier signed up more than 300,000 members in its Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant health plans.

“With a record enrollment for individual and family health insurance, more people are finding value in Friday’s plans that are built around their wants and needs,” said Sal Gentile, CEO, Friday Health Plans. “People want the lower prices and meaningful benefits that we offer, such as free doctor visits— in person and virtually—free generic drugs, and free mental health counseling. We look forward to expanding into more states and counties very soon.” 

Texas saw the largest growth of Friday’s existing markets, capturing more than 20% of the marketplace enrollments in areas such as Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and the Rio Grande Valley. Friday also grew to capture 17% of the ACA market in Nevada and nine percent in Colorado. The company also expanded to counties in Georgia, North Carolina and Oklahoma, and added more counties in Colorado and Texas. 

This past open enrollment period saw a record 14 million people sign up for health insurance under the ACA.  Growth has been fueled by policies that increased premium subsidies, with many people qualifying for lower cost or no-cost health plans. The COVID-19 pandemic has also driven people into different careers that do not offer employee-sponsored health plans.

Many of Friday Health Plans’ offerings include unlimited $0 primary care visits, $0 mental health counseling, and free or low-cost generic drugs. The company takes the complexity out of choosing and using health insurance due to its singular focus on serving people who buy their own health plans.

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About Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans is purpose-built specifically for people and small businesses who buy their own health insurance. The company focuses on overall simplicity to offer affordable health plans with benefits that help members stay healthy and cover them if they get sick or hurt. Operational efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart technology are core to Friday's consumer-centric approach. Headquartered in Denver, insurance plans and services are state-based subsidiaries of Friday Health Plans Management Company, Inc. For more information and to find a health plan, visit




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