Steve Weiss Talks About Meeting the Growing Demand for In-Home Care

Steve Weiss, CEO of Home Care Evolution, was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Startup Podcast.

Beverly Hills , March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Home healthcare executive Steve Weiss talks with Mission Matters about his journey of scaling up home care businesses and helping elders age with dignity in their own homes.

Listen to the complete interview of Steve Weiss with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Startup Podcast.

What mission matters to you?

Driven by a mission to help seniors age in place with dignity, Weiss says it’s important to him to help home care businesses grow. This, he explains, is rooted in a belief that our elders deserve essential care and should be able to access it from the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

“They are the people who raised us and set the tone for the generations (now) in power,” he says, “and now I don’t just want to cast them aside and forget about them when they require help.”

How did you get started in the home care industry?

Weiss’s professional experience with home care dates back to 2005, when he and a business partner entered the healthcare industry in directorial roles. His company was focused on helping elders by providing essential services, including cooking, cleaning, and even running errands for them.

“It was such a rewarding thing since I went to sleep knowing that I have helped hundreds and thousands of people in (the) last 15 to 16 years,” he says.

Tell us about your company, Home Care Evolution.

Home Care Evolution is focused on developing home care businesses and helping them grow through marketing efforts. Since all home care startups require financial and operational aid, Weiss explains, the business model is rooted in solid footing, ready to help a now-booming industry better serve the growing number of people who need it.

Through home care services, “elders get a safe and protected place to age,” Weiss says, noting that the pandemic hasn’t only increased the demand for such services, but also highlighted the need for them to evolve as they grow.

Which clients get the most value out of your business?

Weiss says that, be it a brand new startup or an established home care business, Home Care Evolution can help. “We are here to scale up your business from day one,” he says, or its services can be obtained to help an older business scale up to meet growing demand.

To learn more, visit Home Care Evolution online.

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Steve Weiss was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Startup Podcast.