AmioTalio founder of Paradox Studios has said “Solana will leave Ethereum in the dust this year when it comes to gaming”

AmioTalio is Founder of Paradox Studios, a UK based Game Development and Animation studio.

Northampton, UK, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

AmioTalio’s bold claim comes from not only seeing Solana Ventures invest up to $400 Million to boost Web 3 Gaming in the past 6 months, whilst developing his own game he had the opportunity to have countless meetings with game developers and engineers who are working in the blockchain game development area.

After finding out from specialists in these fields just how much easier it is to use Rust, which is Solona’s building language, to make Earn 2 play games on Solana compared to Ethereum’s Solidity language. Coupled with the large Funding Solana has been paying out to developers to entice them over from the Ethereum network, It is a trend that is starting to take pace and people are noticing.

They now have a huge list of games looking to launch this year on Solana which will take them into the lead position in this area in my opinion. When you realise Every product or service is made by or provided by business, you must realise the main goal of a business is to make money and maximise profit, so with low costs and high transaction speed and massive funding for gaming developers the growth is going parabolic.

“You have to understand 15 yr. olds right now are looking at crypto how we looked at the internet in the late 90s, young kids just play games it’s what they do outside of learning. They get addicted to games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, but they don’t have money to buy the new skins in Fortnite every week and not being able to keep up with the latest trends has the effect of making them feel they’re falling behind the social hype.”

What is the difference when playing a game on the blockchain? Well with games such as Star Atlas which is built on the Solana Blockchain, you are playing similar games with similar graphics too, on the same PC via the internet but this time when you earn in game money to buy their skins or new weapons your being paid in a in game currency, which is also a cryptocurrency that means it’s in your wallet where you can then withdraw it to your bank account this is something you can’t do when playing Fortnite or call of duty!.

As long as the games keep getting better and the graphics keep improving, you're going to be attracting these young pc gamers and it will snowball where we are now seeing hordes of gamers coming over to Blockchain games. Take Axie infinity as an example its essentially Pokemon but made quirky and its one of the biggest gaming projects of 2021 with one of the largest gaming communities, where your being rewarded in love potions token and with the value of the love potion token going up over the year these youngster are now earning as much as a doctor would in a year playing games”.

This tag line will steer more youngsters this year to gaming play 2 earn games so with the target market already interested and now with the gaming developers using unreal engine 5 to make they’re games we are looking at amazing games that you are being rewarded to play!



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