Adaptive Research Announces a Collaboration with American Molecular Imaging to Add Nearly 500 Physicians to its Growing Research Network

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adaptive Research Inc., an integrated clinical trial site organization with a unique purpose to democratize clinical trials by integrating community physicians into the clinical trial process, today announced that American Molecular Imaging has joined the Adaptive Research network to generate greater access to clinical trials and provide a path to market for groundbreaking medical products.

Pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) on the Adaptive Research network will be able to engage AMI partner imaging locations, enabling these sponsors to select study sites with eligible patients for investigative trials, and to pursue answers to clinical questions with de-identified patient data in the United States. With preferred access to nearly 500 specialty trained radiologists, AMI brings a level of imaging expertise that is unmatched by most radiology groups.

“AMI is a key element of our strategy to improve access to clinical trials for patients in need of innovative therapies,” said Deepak Behera, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of Adaptive Research. “This relationship between Adaptive Research and AMI represents a great example of innovation in the healthcare sector. Our collaboration will increase opportunities for domestic and global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to conduct clinical trials with improved efficiency, as well as improve the local research capabilities and contributions of our general practitioners.”

Jaideep S. Sohi, MD, President and Founder, American Molecular Imaging, added, “Our reputation and success are attributed to our patient centric approach focused on customer response, access to radiologists, and fast report turnaround by highly trained and experienced subspecialty radiologists. We are excited to partner with Adaptive Research to broaden our service offering with access to future clinical trials.”

About American Molecular Imaging

Established in 2012, American Molecular Imaging (AMI) is a physician owned and managed full-line provider of specialized professional radiology interpretation services. At AMI, the foundational goal is to advance the field of molecular imaging and bring access to patients in all locations, whether in large metropolitan areas or small underserved communities. AMI works with clients throughout the United States, including independent imaging centers and hospital systems, and collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry and advanced imaging equipment manufacturers to help bring new radiotracers into clinical use and help develop AI algorithms to enhance diagnostic accuracy. Additional information can be found at:

About Adaptive Research Inc.

Adaptive Research is an integrated clinical trial site organization with a unique purpose to democratize clinical trials by utilizing digital technologies and integrating community physicians and associated community networks into the clinical trial process. By introducing new community clinics to clinical trials, Adaptive can enable life science companies to tap into a larger, undiluted, and diverse patient pool to accelerate drug/device development. Adaptive offers a wide range of solutions for biotech/pharma sponsors, contract research organizations, and investigational sites to ensure patient diversity, increase patient access to potentially lifesaving investigational agents, devices or innovative disruptive technologies, and achieve improved clinical trial outcomes. Additional information can be found at:


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