Life Extension Launches New Brain Fog Relief Supplement

Caffeine-free, fast-acting formula to sharpen focus and fight mental fatigue

Fort Lauderdale, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Being productive requires mental focus and attention—and running on caffeine comes with the inevitable energy decline and mental fatigue that follow a morning cup of joe. If you’ve been looking for a way to step up your game sans caffeine, you’re in luck! Life Extension brings to market a caffeine-free, fast-acting nootropic to encourage cognitive performance: Brain Fog Relief.

According to Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, this new supplement offers an innovative approach to supporting mental stamina and performance—without the stimulants you may find in other nootropics. “Brain Fog Relief is formulated to act fast. It helps inhibit occasional inattentiveness to restore focus and concentration and support cognitive performance—and it does this without caffeine,” he explained.

Life Extension’s formula omits the go-to brain stimulant and instead combines botanical nutrients that offer a powerful cognitive boost. Together, the standardized ingredients of polyphenol-rich mango leaf extract and peppermint oil modulate signaling pathways that support a healthy inflammatory response and also promote brain health, balanced neurotransmitter levels and brain cell activity.

Studies published in Nutrients showed that the active components in peppermint oil and mango leaf extract offer cognitive benefits by supporting several neurotransmitters and neuronal communication between brain cells. Both nutrients demonstrated enhancing cognitive effects and reducing mental fatigue in healthy people.

“These clinically studied nutrients have been shown to encourage brain performance by targeting different neural pathways and mechanisms associated with occasional mental fatigue and inattentiveness, restoring clarity and energy,” explained Dr. Cristina Matthewman, Life Extension’s research scientist.

Brain Fog Relief represents an innovative addition to Life Extension’s nootropic lineup. Each once-daily Brain Fog Relief capsule is gluten-free, vegetarian and non-GMO.

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Life Extension new Brain Fog Relief nootropic supplement

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