Jerome Karam Takes Pride in the World’s Largest World Gym

Texas City, Texas, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Whats New Market Watch is reporting on Jerome Karam building the world's largest World Gym.

Jerome Karam of JMK5 Holdings, LLC has purchased and redeveloped properties around southwestern Louisiana and Texas. One of his biggest achievements has been finishing off the world's largest World Gym. The project, based in Texas City, Texas, was daunting from beginning to end.

As the founder and operator of JMK5 Holdings, LLC, Jerome Karam has been a significant player in Galveston County, the Greater Houston area, and Southwest Louisiana. He realized early on that Texas City needed a go-to gym for people to stay fit and feel comfortable doing so. With a population of just under 50,000, the city lacked the same options as other bigger cities nearby.

Taking on the project came with high expectations from the very beginning. The goal with the space was to make it the largest gym in Texas, and that’s exactly what happened. World Gym installed Top-of-the-line equipment to make it a hit right away for the city. 

They offer everything a person could ask for out of a gym while also offering a Kids Club to help manage young families. Any child aged six months to 12 years can attend the Kids Club while parents work out.

Opening in 2021, the gym has over 100,000 ft.². It is a repurposed department store anchored by the Mall of the Mainland. Building gyms and other non-convention businesses in anchor store spots for malls is a trend taking place around the United States. Gyms are moving in and injecting life into them once again.

During the early stages of the gym's existence, World Gym Texas City has received positive reviews. From seasoned workout enthusiasts to first-timers looking to get in shape, they appreciate the new equipment and the overall space provided to work out comfortably.

The space allows for World Gym Texas City to continue growing at a high rate that attracts people from as far as Houston. While other gyms struggle to space out clients and allow everyone enough room to get their workouts in, this location doesn’t face those same struggles. Jerome Karam believes the success of World Gym Texas City will inspire other redevelopment companies to look into local options.

About JMK5 Holdings

Founded and operated by Jerome Karam, JMK5 Holdings, LLC has redeveloped properties in the Southwest Louisiana and Texas area. His goal is to inject life into neighborhoods that have fallen on hard times. By utilizing existing buildings, he can keep history around and create a more community-like feel in every neighborhood.


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