Relictum Pro Launches NFT Platform in Indonesia


JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Relictum Pro, the digital world of applications, has announced the launch of Relictum NFT in Indonesia. A public marketplace where users can choose any token format, Relictum NFT is currently the premier NFT platform developed and launched on the emerging Blockchain 5.0 Relictum Pro technology. 

Valued at 10 billion [the Relictum Pro technology] Genesis Tokens [GTN], the Relictum Pro team reveals that investors can own 50% [5 billion] of the existing GTN supply through a private sale. On the other hand, GTN holders rewards will be two folds - first in the form of an increase in value of GNT over time and secondly from royalties that are already paid twice a month. 

The Relictum NFT is powered by the fifth generation blockchain and Relictum ecosystem consisting of a Relictum decentralized exchange [DEX], Relictum Finance for DeFi, Relictum Chat, and Relictum Game. 

Relictum has also introduced a stablecoin - USDR - that, according to the Relictum Pro team, will rival USDT in support of global commerce. By implementing cutting-edge technology and leveraging Blockchain 5.0, Relictum Pro can wrap Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin into RBTC, RETH, and RLTC. This is part of Relictum's plans to make transfers cheaper and faster. All of these exciting facets of Relictum can be accessed via the Relictum Node app, which is available for IOS and Android operating systems. 

As one of the recent digital asset education programs, Digital Asset Academy launched Relictum NFT Indonesia. Digital Assets Academy extends its gratitude and thanks to the West Java provincial government, Bandung city government, Relictum management, journalists, painters, and the family at Relictum NFT for their unwavering support at the IDCEX 2022 event. At the IDCEX, the upcoming painter, Tisna, sold a painting to Dr. Putra and received payment in GTN, 8,000 of them. The sale spurred other artists to sell their images, resulting in over ten paintings bartered for GTN tokens, ergo becoming the first payment transaction in the world using GTN tokens solely. 

With a suite of products and offerings lined up, Relictum is leveraging blockchain 5.0 to deliver a platform where users can execute almost all types of tasks seamlessly. 

About Relictum Pro

Described as the digital world of applications, Relictum Pro is an advanced platform that implements cutting-edge technology to deliver a wide range of capabilities, digital freedom, and decentralization. Incorporating a decentralized exchange and three types of tokens - wrapped, USDR, and GNT, Relictum prides itself as a pioneer of Blockchain 5.0. 

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