District 420 Announces the First-Ever Custom NFT Bot Builder Available to the Public


Calabasas, California, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the past several years, more people have expressed an interest in purchasing NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens. However, when making such an investment, it’s often a get what you get kind of thing, where purchasers don’t necessarily know what they’re going to receive until after they’ve invested in the random NFT. District 420 aims to change that with its cutting edge, first-ever custom NFT bot builder, which will be available to the public. So, what is and how does it work?

A New Way to Play While Using a Custom NFT

District 420 has created an earn-to-play game that allows users to build custom character NFTs based on their preferences. Individuals can personalize the characters they plan to use in the game, selecting everything from eye color to clothes and accessories worn by that character. While it’s the first of its kind, District 420 plans to pave the way for other organizations and projects to follow suit, offering a more customized approach to non-fungible tokens as their demand continues growing.

“We’ve created this new and exciting way for people to get in on the opportunity to own NFTs. Instead of getting what you get and dealing with it, we’re giving investors the chance to customize their SmokeBot NFTs, which will be playable characters within the District 420 game,” shared one enthusiastic team member. “It’s something that no one else is doing or has done in the past, so we’re excited to get people on board while encouraging them to use the builder to create their custom NFT SmokeBot right now. Once they’ve created the SmokeBot, they can use it as their character for in-game play. The game we’ve created is perfect for cannabis and gaming enthusiasts.”

The team behind District 420 prides itself on professionalism and innovative ideas that they’re currently focusing on bringing to life. While creating a customizable NFT is exciting enough for those looking to make the investment and become the owner of a valuable non-fungible token, the fun doesn’t stop there.

“We’ve carefully designed a game with different levels and series, much like a television show. As you start working your way up to higher levels within the game, you can collect NFT buds and combine at least four or more to create an incredibly unique NFT, known as the SMOKEBOT NFT. We plan to limit them to only 15 per episode or expansion,” says another team member. “We’re excited to offer a game with a heavy focus around marijuana that also allows people to create their own NFTs based on the features they like most. Our goal was to make sure users could call the shots, which we’re doing now that we’re offering the first buildable NFT in existence.”

District 420 is currently looking forward to hosting a pre-sale and private sale to give those interested a chance to jump on this fun and exciting experience like nothing else currently available. If you’d like to learn more about District 420, including details of its tokenomics, how the Bot Builder works, and more, Check them out at District-420.org!

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Bot Builder available on Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.district4204


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