Adam’s Maintenance Services: Industry Experience and Safety are Essential for Hiring SubContractors

Experienced, certified subcontractors make for efficient and safe projects.

Acworth, GA, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There are lots of subcontractors in the construction industry, at all price points and levels of expertise. The bidding process is a good example of this; the wide variety of bids for any given project probably span a pretty wide range.

It might be tempting to always seek out the lowest bid; after all, the bottom line is important, and you want to get the project done as cheaply as possible so everyone can turn a profit.

Those in the construction industry for a long time know that cheaper isn’t always better, and cheap work is often not efficient work. That’s not to say that projects should always go to contractors charging an exorbitant fee, but there’s a process of checks and balances that should be considered during the bidding process.

The fact is that the longer a subcontractor has been in the business, the more experience they’ve gained that goes toward their ability to complete projects efficiently– and most importantly, safely.

Acworth, GA-based subcontractors Adam’s Maintenance Services, Inc. is a company that serves as a great example of the power of a quality subcontractor. With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, the team at Adam’s Maintenance have been around the block (literally; they offer subcontracting services in 12 states).

A subcontracting company with decades of experience in the industry has personally witnessed and dealt with just about every type of construction project, and their inevitable issues and delays, and has had the chance to learn from each one of these experiences to provide better service to customers in the future.

But for subcontractors just starting out in the industry, all hope is not lost. Jason Poore, president of Adam’s Maintenance, recommends getting started in an industry you’re truly interested in. He advises, “Don’t go into it blindly; books are a great way to learn the general steps and information you’ll need for success. Without real-life experience in the industry, it will be harder to find success with your own business, but not impossible.”

Jason Poore is no stranger to the false starts that every entrepreneur experiences. Poore recounts, “After a business internship, I started a few businesses that ultimately failed. But like many entrepreneurs, I didn’t give up my dream of owning a respectable subcontracting and maintenance company.”

Even Adam’s Maintenance didn’t hit the ground running; in their early days, they struggled with Net 30 payment terms and late payments, which led to initial cash flow problems. In Poore’s own words, “Any results that lead to failure are a form of progress to success.” 

What does this mean for business owners and developers? Currently, the construction industry is in an interesting position. Nationwide labor shortages mean that many contractors, and in turn clients, are having a difficult time finding experienced workers to complete projects. This, coupled with the rising costs of construction in general, can make for some expensive project delays and reworking. Reworking alone can add a lot of time and expense onto a project due to supply chain issues and extending the amount of time and labor the client has to pay for.

Avoiding expensive reworks is sometimes impossible– there’s always a margin of miscommunication between engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors and developers. The statistics don’t lie; according to the FMI 2021 Construction Data and Analytics Report, high-trust construction companies are twice as likely to meet project deadlines. 

A subcontractor who’s experienced every aspect of the industry– from hanging drywall during home construction projects to federal subcontracting– will be able to generate trust both within the company and with the business owner and everyone involved in a building project. 

Adam’s Maintenance has hired a trustworthy in-house crew who are able to tackle federal subcontracting projects because they can pass federal background checks and are OSHA 10-hour certified. Jason Poore emphasizes that “our main goal is safety”, and the OSHA certifications make an enormous difference in the efficiency and timeliness of product completion.

When examining bids for your next construction project, or considering which subcontractors to hire for a big project with a deadline that’s set in stone, go with a company who’s been around a long time and able to prove their workers’ OSHA certifications. Experience means safer building practices, better communication, and ultimately more efficient builds.

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