StartFleet Launch LLC US Company Formation and Tax Advice Guide for International Online Entrepreneurs

Claymont, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

StartFleet is a leading U.S company formation vendor who specialize in helping business and individuals living outside of the country to set up a limited liability company (LLC), registered in the U.S. International online entrepreneurs often decide to register their company in the United States of America due to the tax-free benefits associated with an LLC structure, alongside a vast number of financial and operational perks.

Today, StartFleet is  delighted to announce the launch of a new, comprehensive online guide to help foreigner entrepreneurs register US company or companies under an LLC structure in the US. The guide provides unrivaled detail on why so many choose to register as a U.S company, the types of structures that can be registered, tax advantages and more.

Alongside the guide, StartFleet have also further enhanced their website content and resources to better promote their services to international clients. From opening up bank accounts and applying for payment processors to domain names and tax filings , those considering registering a company in the US can do so from the comfort of their own home.

Below, we outline the non-US resident LLC guide, what readers can expect to take away as learnings, and why StartFleet are industry-leaders in this space:

The ultimate guide to US LLC for Foreigners (Non-US Residents), from StartFleet LLC

When clients opt to form a US LLC for their online business as a non-US resident, they could potentially run a tax-exempt US company, if it is structured correctly.

This substantial financial benefit has made America one of the most popular locations across the world for online businesses to call their own.

In this guide, StartFleet provides  comprehensive detail on the two types of US company structure that foreign entrepreneurs should consider, alongside key guidance and considerations for non-US residents. As tax advantages are often the most lucrative reason as to why businesses form in the US, the guide has a section dedicated to detailing the legalities, benefits and considerations around tax, alongside the many other benefits of forming an LLC in the US.

Those who have found added value from the guide and StartFleet’s services are the likes of digital nomads, crypto traders or online entrepreneurs, who want to have access to tax savings and online services such as Stripe, PayPal, Shopify,  and Amazon FBA. These services would otherwise be inaccessible in their country of residence.

To read the guide in full, and for free, visit the StartFleet website.

Who are StartFleet LLC?

StartFleet is  a US company incorporation vendor recognized for providing non-US residents with the  tools, resources and services they need to operate an online business registered within the country.

They have become industry-leaders in this space by focusing their efforts on being a trusted, full-service vendor. Rather than simply registering the LLC in the United States and leaving the rest to the client, StartFleet exists  to get their clients up and running, fully compliant and equipped for success.

StartFleet LLC help with company incorporation, provide assistance with opening a US business bank account, consultation on how to open up different services (Stripe, PayPal, Amazon FBA and more) and assist with annual compliance. This allows the client to focus on the success of their business, rather than the intricacies of LLC business registration and operation within the U.S.

Regardless of whether a client is a consultant or freelancer providing services, selling on Amazon or trading stocks and cryptocurrency, StartFleet helps  online businesses to set themselves up correctly via the US LLC structure, and potentially benefit   from no federal tax  .

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StartFleet allows you to focus on planning and strategizing your next big idea. Unlike other competitors, we assist with everything you may require, including company formation, assistance with bank accounts, domain names, phone/fax, website legal forms, payment processing, tax filings, and everything in between. StartFleet also partners with various vendors and companies to help you as a founder. To date, our partner network offers more than $500,000 in perks and rewards to boost your business:


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