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Pogi’s Pet Supplies, an online retailer of pet care products, is excited to announce their line of compostable poop bags that is available on their website. They have three options for types of compostable poop bags available, including bags that come in rolls that can be used with a standard sized poop bag dispenser that attaches to a leash, a belt loop, or a keychain, for easy access on the go. Pogi’s Pet Supplies also sells bags in grab and go boxes, which makes it easy to get one or two on the way out the door, or to the litter tray. These bags are available with or without easy tie handles, and are large and sturdy to clean up even very large messes. These poop bags are made from plant based materials which break down easily - they’ve been certified compostable in industrial and backyard composting systems by certification agencies around the world, including those in the United States, the European Union and Australia, which test how quickly products fall apart into tiny pieces under compost like environments. Anyone interested in purchasing compostable poop bags from Pogi’s Pet Supplies can view the collection here:

Customers may be interested in using compostable, plant based poop bags to clean up after their pets because they are interested in minimizing their environmental impact, because the plastic bags that many pet owners use to clean up their pet’s waste are guaranteed not to break down, possibly even for hundreds of years in a landfill. In addition to the environmental implications of producing that much plastic, all the plastic baggies of all the piles of poop produced over time build up to take up a lot of space in a landfill. Since poop is an organic material that breaks down easily, preserving so much of it in so much plastic is even more of an environmental catastrophe. That’s why people might be interested in picking up their pet’s poop with plant based bags such as those from Pogi’s Pet Supplies. Regardless of where they ultimately end up, these compostable poop bags will break down much faster than plastic bags ever will.

Large Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles

As previously announced, while some people may be concerned about the strength of plant based poop bags, many reviewers on the Pogi’s website have praised the sturdiness of the bags the company sells. The bags sold in rolls have been rated 83 times, with 94% of those reviews being 5 stars. One five star reviewer named Julene writes, “I’ve been using these bags for over a month now and I have not had any breaks! They feel light weight and thin, yet flexible and sturdy, and they have a soft velvety texture! I’ve used these for multiple waste pickups that included sticks or times where I had to pull grass with it for a clean pickup, but still no breaks or tears in the bags at all! I even did a stress test, poking my finger through a clean bag - I got to the first knuckle before the bag broke! Also the little stickers on each roll come off easily, just lift delicately. I only had one bag tear when I was lifting a sticker off a new roll. The tops of each bag open easily and I can usually open them with one hand and I don’t have to finger lick for grip. They have images so you can tell where the top of the bag is too! I will definitely buy these again!”

It is important to note that not all municipal composting systems can accept pet waste for composting, because animal waste contains potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, such as e coli, that can contaminate soil and make people or other animals very sick. Some industrial composting machines consistently reach high enough temperatures to kill these pathogens, so pet owners are advised to check with their municipalities composting regulations before disposing of pet waste in their compost bins. Similarly, while the bags are safe for home composting, disposing of dog waste in a home or backyard compost pile can lead to the spread of disease and is generally not recommended. For information visit:


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