Subscription-based platform includes former executives with experience from Nike, Beats, Apple, and IBM and advisors from Pandora and Walt Disney Co.

Long Beach, CA, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LONG BEACH, CA – Duke University Men’s Soccer Head Coach John Kerr and student-athletes currently on the Duke University Men’s Soccer team have partnered with Boosta Training, a platform to train 1-to-1, remotely and asynchronously, through an interactive step-by-step system.


The new platform enables aspiring college soccer players 1-to-1 access to exclusive training content and personalized feedback from Duke Men’s Soccer student-athletes. Integral to Coach Kerr’s commitment to student-athletes and new opportunities in the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) space, John Kerr and Duke Men’s Soccer student-athletes are the first in the country to partner with Boosta.


“We are excited to work with legendary head coach John Kerr and student-athletes currently on the Duke Men’s Soccer team to deliver a cutting-edge training experience that benefits any player around the world that aspires to play D1 soccer,” said Donnelly. "Boosta creates revenue opportunities for the individual Duke student-athletes while they make a positive impact on the next generation of soccer players. Through our partnership, Coach Kerr has shown his commitment in supporting the opportunities for his student-athletes in a truly innovative way.”


“The partnership with Boosta signals our commitment to providing new opportunities in the new world of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) for our student-athletes," said Coach Kerr, who has mentored 10 All-Americans. "We believe Boosta further advances our goal of building athletics, academics and leadership in our student-athletes, and further expands our reach for players to connect with us anytime, anywhere.  Boosta brings a new level of accessibility and inclusion, where we can now share some of our training methodologies like never-before to help players learn what it takes to play college soccer.”


Subscribers have exclusive access to a powerful training experience, where Coach John Kerr delivers interactive step-by-step lessons to guide a player’s practice, which they submit for review to Duke student-athletes who then provide feedback with personalized star-ratings and videos. This takes training for players who aspire to play collegiate soccer to unparalleled levels.


To access the training content, download the Boosta Training app from the iOS app store, The app for Android will be available soon.



Boosta is a subscription-based platform with an interactive step-by-step teaching-learning system that enables teachers (i.e., coaches) and students (i.e., players) to train 1-to-1 remotely and asynchronously. The proprietary software is designed to maintain the power of training 1-to-1, at scale.  Boosta’s easy-to-use platform brings a new level of accessibility to proven mentors and programs within sports, focusing initially on youth soccer. The larger vision for Boosta includes making an impact far beyond sports & physical health, to include skills across a broad spectrum of learning that reinforce emotional, cognitive and social well-being. Learn more about Boosta at


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