Alexandra Lozano Utilizes Technology to Help Immigrants

Tukwila, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abogada Alexandra utilizes social media platforms to reach the significant number of immigrants facing unjust deportation from the U.S. and give them a voice. Learn how Alexandra is utilizing technology to make citizenship much easier for immigrants. 

Why New Tech and Social Media are Vital for Immigration Lawyers

Many people rely on social media as their primary news source. It is especially true of migrants, who benefit from the diversity of voices on social media compared to mainstream news reports.

Equally, immigrants facing deportation from the U.S. might feel unlikely to find representation by searching for law firms through conventional channels. Finding Abogada Alexandra on social media is a surprise blessing for vulnerable people who might struggle to access high-quality legal representation otherwise.

Legal representation and advice shouldn’t be a luxury for those who know where to seek it. Often, most who need assistance don’t have access to information and don’t know where to look for advice.

Fighting against the colossus of U.S. immigration control is too much for most people to do alone. However, by utilizing popular technologies like social media, Abogada Alexandra puts high-quality legal information at the center of the public domain, where anyone can access it and reach out for support.

How TikTok Helps Vulnerable Clients Find Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

Lozano’s TikTok presence is direct, authentic, presented in Spanish, and provides concise information about how immigrants can access legal aid. TikTok rose to prominence due to its ultra-short, accessible format and succeeded because its algorithm doesn’t “curate” a user’s experience like other social media.

Abogada Alexandra understands that TikTok represents a unique opportunity for engagement. The law firm’s successful videos could reach anyone - especially someone who needs help and doesn’t know where to look.

Staying ahead of the curve by successfully implementing modern tech helps Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law achieve what other legal firms struggle to achieve - finding the clients that most need its help. It’s easy and accessible for clients to use as a point of contact with her legal team.

Abogada Alexandra Helping Clients on Instagram

Instagram is another handy platform for helping clients discover the legal aid they need. Social media presences often appear somewhat artificial, but Alexandra Lozano understands that authenticity holds people’s attention. It also puts her at odds with the highly curated “super-clean” appearance that old-fashioned law firms love to present.

Alexandra’s goal is to reach as many clients as possible and enable anyone to reach out for assistance via social media. 

Abogada Alexandra uses technology to present an authentic voice that will fight for immigrants’ rights. Vulnerable people need to believe that they’ll be heard before reaching out - that’s the goal.

Finding Abogada Alexandra Immigration Law

Lozano can be reached on TikTok and Instagram (both @abogadaalexandra) and on all major social media platforms. Anyone can reach out with questions about immigration law and learn from her original, informative videos.


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