Leading Battery Materials Company Expanding Operations Globally

Retriev Technologies & Battery Solutions Enters Europe with Turkish Partner to Strengthen Sustainability in the Global Battery Supply Chain

Indianapolis, IN, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Retriev Technologies & Battery Solutions, the largest and most comprehensive lithium and cross-chemistry battery management and materials processor in the industry, and Interaktif Cevre (a joint venture between The Heritage Group and Kibar Group), today announced their intention to develop sites for a battery recycling and materials upgrade operation and collection network in Turkey. This expansion initiative will support the rapidly growing needs for EV recycling in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and help the manufacturing industry meet the requirements of the EU Battery Directive.

Turkey is emerging as a competitive hub for EV manufacturers and the need for lithium-ion battery recyclers are a critical component for manufacturers as they expand their global operations.  With the wave of electric vehicle demand currently expected to increase lithium-ion battery recycling supply by 25 times by 2040, lithium-ion battery recycling is more important than ever before.

“Our strategy is to provide geographic diversification to support a responsible and sustainable battery lifecycle where our customers are located and bring critical materials back into the battery supply chain” says David Klanecky, CEO of Retriev Technologies & Battery Solutions. “The explosive demand for electric vehicles will test the limits of metals supply, and recycling will be the key component of sustained success in the category.”

Retriev Technologies & Battery Solutions’ sophisticated cross-chemistry collection and sorting, and as the largest and oldest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America, brings an experience and deep expertise to the market which is complemented by Interaktif Cevre’s service offerings. “This new initiative is a logical extension to leverage our existing Interaktif Cevre platform via well-established OEM partnerships,  strong  infrastructure and true expertise in waste services and recycling,” said Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO, Kibar Holding. “The Heritage Group’s solid partnerships with the leading OEMs in North America in addition to Kibar and Interaktif effective coverage in Turkey will help us be the premier solution provider in the region for battery recycling management and materials processing.  Collection and processing of any battery type will support Interaktif’s purpose of creating a sustainability platform that reuses and repurposes the earth’s scarce natural resources.”

“We are excited to continue building on this platform of environmental sustainability” said Jeff Laborsky, CEO of Heritage Environmental Services and Director of The Heritage Group. “Our expansion in the region demonstrates the commitment to Turkey since 2015 when our Interaktif joint venture was announced.”

With an emphasis on electric vehicles, this new venture aims to provide industry-leading services to the large automotive industry in the region by building  a network of  best-in-class facilities, and support the demand for responsible, scalable, and efficient battery recycling and processing across the continent.


About Retriev Technologies
Retriev, the recognized leader in battery management and recycling, has been at the forefront of safe and responsible recycling technology for decades, processing lithium batteries for over 30 years. Retriev utilizes a patented hydrometallurgical process which recovers critical materials necessary for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries that are used to power our world. Retriev's reputation is built on research, knowledge, compliance and responsible battery recycling and management services.

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About Battery Solutions
Battery Solutions has been a North American leader in battery recycling management with end-to-end solutions for 30 years. Battery Solutions is committed to conserving natural resources from spent batteries, and diverting them from landfills, through scalable programs. As the largest U.S. handler for cross-chemistry battery recycling management, Battery Solutions charts a path forward for their customers by supporting fully traceable end-of-life management services and products.


For more information, visit https://batterysolutions.com/ 


About Kibar Holding

Kibar Group is a privately-held conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of companies operating in the metals, mobility, building materials, energy, and logistics sectors. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, the group began commercial operations in 1972.

For more information, visit https://www.kibar.com/en/ 


About The Heritage Group
Founded in 1930, The Heritage Group (THG) is a fourth-generation, family-owned business managing a diverse portfolio of companies specializing in heavy construction and materials, environmental services, and specialty chemicals. Companies within the THG portfolio include Heritage Environmental Services, Heritage Construction + Materials, and Monument Chemical. With more than 5,000 employees and 30 operating companies worldwide, THG aims to build a safer, more enriching and sustainable world by harnessing the power of family.


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