Elite Meta: Metaverse & the Revolution of Education

Elite Meta, a rising blockchain startup based in Singapore, has embraced the new technology and announced its intention to establish their own metaverse

SINGAPORE, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The onset of the pandemic in 2020 has a catastrophic effect on every part of the economy, especially the education sector which forced the cancellation of physical classes amidst all the uncertainty and millions of students into remote schooling over Zoom and Microsoft team-based classes. Learning through smartphones, tablets, and laptops has become a part of the new normal and now new promises are paving the way for a new future: technology integration and virtualization in education. 


These shockwaves have been felt across industries but the emerging metaverse and innovation in virtual space have put things in perspective. When education lags the digital leaps, the technology rather than educators defines what counts as educational opportunities. Elite Meta, a rising blockchain startup based in Singapore has embraced the new technology and announced its intention to establish its own metaverse. It is a one-to-one representation of popular megacities, an inhabitable form of the internet where its citizens can live, learn, work, and create their own assets.


To leverage the potential of the metaverse as a global, interconnected and real-time digital space, Elite Meta first offers a path for bringing best educational practices. With strong expertise in conceptual architecture, Elite Education Cities are built up with diverse environments and visual modeling to create immersive and hands-on learning experiences.

Powered by blockchain technology and accessible through the internet, it can also change the educational landscape by removing both geographic & social barriers, which are prevalent in low-income & undeveloped countries. Students can freely explore, move across borders and interact directly with the curriculum, which is especially important for highly specialized industry groups like biology, healthcare, construction, etc. 


The educational revolution has marked the first major milestone with strategic cooperation with Van Lang University. In April 2022, the official M.O.U between Elite Meta & VLU was signed, forming a clear vision of development as follows: 

  • Phase 1: Building a customized metaverse ecosystem, including facility & infrastructure on VLU Campus to serve recruitment purposes for 2023.
  • Phase 2: Establishing the pioneer learning program & developing engaging communities among departments.
  • Phase 3: Operating parallel university models & commercialization. 

In the future, people won't experience a single metaverse. They will navigate multiple interoperable metaverse, there will be a growing demand to connect to one another in a tapestry of digital space. The benefits over traditional schooling systems are undeniable, including being cheaper, more personalized, innovative, and faster-paced. 


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Elite Meta: Metaverse & The revolution of education