Eurotech Cyber Security Crypto Recovery Team Recovers Over a Million Dollars in Bitcoin from a Sophisticated Romance Scam

Devon, England, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially. With the value of digital currencies like bitcoin increasing, many people are now investing in crypto to make transactions. But the high value of cryptocurrencies has made it a lucrative opportunity for cybercriminals. And as such, people have lost thousands of dollars to shady investments on the internet, and more are still in the process of losing.  Recovering cryptocurrencies requires the services of a credible cyber forensic company/firm like Eurotech Cyber Security.

Eurotech Cyber Security recently proved to be the best in the industry by recovering $1.2 million in bitcoin for romance scam victim, Mr Cullins. The gentleman had made a supposedly harmless match on a dating app, from West Palm Beach. What followed was the biggest financial loss in the life of Mr Cullins. 

Narrating his ordeal at the hands of the cyber criminal, Mr Cullins said: ''While we conversed, I revealed to her that I had refinanced my house last year and had $30,000 I wanted to use on home improvements. She asked if I could spare $2,000, telling me she could show me how to trade in cryptocurrency. She told me I wouldn’t have to work so much any longer and wouldn’t have to worry about my house payments. She said she wanted to travel with me in the future.'' 

Mr Cullins already has friends in crypto and didn't suspect any foul play. He downloaded the app, proceeded to the fake day trading site she provided. The website was so sophisticated that even the knowledgeable in crypto would have a hard time noticing it is fake. 

The malware which was hidden in the trading software had been remotely installed on his system, and his $1.2 million in Bitcoin was gone. "I got in touch with a crypto recovery specialist at Eurotech," Mr. Cullins responded.

Eurotech Cyber Security deploys a detailed and highly streamlined method to recover crypto assets per client. However, there are common denominators to the company's recovery methods which includes submitting details & evidence of the case, tracking the Cryptocurrency and generating an in depth forensic report on the transaction source and suspected wallets involved.

The company then proceeds to investigate the perpetrating companies, technology used, and digital footprint that the criminals leave behind. Finally, the process is completed by locating the Cryptocurrency by using advanced, first-class cybersecurity technology coupled with blue-chip digital forensics & digital location strategies. 

Over the next few weeks, Eurotech followed the blockchain to recover Mr. Cullins funds. Ultimately, Mr. Cullins was shocked and relieved to get his money back. "It was like winning the lottery. There was no chance to get it back, but we had to try, and I am so lucky to have the funds recovered" exclaimed the excited and relieved Mr Cullins. 

With Mr Cullins' testimony, along with many others, it's evident that Eurotech Cyber Security is the best cyber security company that recovers cryptocurrency from cyber criminals with an incredibly high level of experience and expertise. 

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