Movey – Move to Earn Mobile Application Now Available on Apple Store


Bristol, England, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Move-to-earn has become a trend that is well-received by both Crypto and non-Crypto communities. With the vision that only the best project can get people’s attention, Movey has just launched the official mobile app on Apple Store and has been in the final stages of making it available on Google Play. This makes Movey become one of the few Move-to-earn mobile applications that combine blockchain and health care system.

Project overview

Combined with NFT, GameFi and SocialFi elements, Movey allows users to get rewards in $MOVEY/NFTs by walking, moving, doing exercise, and completing in-app challenges.

So what makes Movey outstanding?

Move-To-Earn is a form that allows users to benefit from their physical activities including walking, brisk walking, and running. These movements will be recorded via GPS tracking; data from motion and health sensors will be incorporated into the program, which people can easily access on their phones.

Follow the Roadmap, the app has already been available on App Store. Sneakers Boxes and NFTs are also in the process of opening for sale. This must be good news for members of Movey community because this is an opportunity for them to own Sneaker Boxes and NFTs at extremely favorable prices. 

Additionally in the upcoming updates, there will be a one-of-a-kind feature where users can create their own NFT and get profits: Create To Earn. In this feature, the designed NFT can be exchanged in the marketplace easily, so users can display their masterpieces for everyone to see. The more creative the design is, the higher the profit potential might be.

Movey mission

Movey’s goal is to build a powerful app platform and ecosystem that will attract millions of new people into the world of cryptocurrency through the development of various applications. Therefore, Movey is built as a user-friendly app that anyone can use and join easily. By giving participants rewards ($MOVEY tokens), Movey motivates people to stay healthier and at the same time gradually learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Movey Application: Current and Near Future

To maximize users' experience with Movey, the team launched a beta test version of Movey to ask for feedback and thereby improve the quality of the app. After only a few days of launch, the number of registered accounts has reached more than 3000 users. Understanding the community's expectations, Movey team has put great effort into completing the app as quickly as they could. As the result, Movey app is now available for download on App Store, and the final version for Android is also at the final stages of being launched on Google Play. 

In the near future, Movey team will make Movey become a multilingual application that people from all over the world can use without any difficulties. Until then, users can still use the app with the instructional video or ask for help in Movey local groups and channels.


In short, Movey is assessed as a potential project. With the enthusiastic developers, the Movey team always listens to and acknowledges the contributions of all members to increasingly improve Movey, making it become the top application in Crypto Community. Movey app is now available on Apple Store, let’s download the app and toward a better lifestyle!


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