XTRA.FUND has Launched one of the Leading DeFi Platforms Built to Protect and Deliver Returns

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launched on October 20, 2021, XTRA.FUND is one of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) funds offering investor protection of up to 90% of all initial capital invested for the full staking period.

The offering is supported by XTRA.FUND’s XTRA PROTECTION, powered by a decentralized smart contract which fuels the protection fund through a proportion of the sums invested.

This innovative feature consists of an automated algorithm designed to survive market conditions, enabling investors to recover a significant portion (up to 90%) of their invested amount depending on the stake length.

The XTRA token is a standard BEP20 token that can be bought, traded, HODLed, and staked. The base value of the XTRA token is a function of two factors: staking on the XTRA.FUND platform and the appreciation of the XTRA token value.

Only holders of XTRA tokens will be able to stake on the XTRA.FUND platform.

XTRA PROTECTION is financed by an initial allotment of allocated XTRA tokens as well as by users participating in the platform – via a transaction fee (a small proportion of their stake) – when the price of the XTRA.FUND token rises. In the event that the token price declines, the XTRA PROTECTION automatically kicks-in to fund losses. It is a self-regulating mechanism that aims to provide benefits no matter the market conditions.

CEO of XTRA.FUND, Peter Kopec, described the offering as the ‘perfect intersection’ between the worlds of DeFi and traditional finance.

“There are very limited forms of protection offered across traditional financial products, and none currently within the cryptocurrency sector. As DeFi becomes more mainstream, it’s only logical for such benefits to be offered not only for the crypto enthusiast, but also more conservative investors that would have normally not considered entering this space– this is the essence of ‘DeFi fusion’, and it’s particularly relevant in Brazil and Latin America as a whole,” he said.

Kopec goes on to describe the traditional banking sector as ‘ripe for DeFi disruption’ in Latin America in particular.

XTRA.FUND participation also provides investors with priority access to XTRA’s LaunchPad: a multi-chain platform for ERC20 tokens for select IDO and NFT projects across a range of EVM networks including EVM networks like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, and Optimism.

These projects will be hand-picked & vetted for growth and potential, with preferential terms being offered to XTRA.FUND investors.

To validate its ethos and mission XTRA.FUND token broke record in investment volume on Tuesday, April 26th.

The real-time value of XTRA.FUND is valued at $0.000511 with an average daily trading volume of $21,196.16.

The valuation was around 180% on the last day, a historic and record increase for the company.


XTRA.FUND is the world's first cryptocurrency project built to protect and deliver extra returns
The project combines the power of traditional markets with decentralized finance.

Years of experience building cryptocurrency projects from scratch and over 24 years of experience from traditional financial markets.

The fund’s high returns come from a network of reputable and well-established lending businesses with considerable experience in traditional b2b financing on the European Union market.

Additionally, the security of the investment is made possible through an innovative and secure protection protocol. Investor risk is significantly minimized due to the protection fund covering up to 90% of the initial invested amount.

For more information go: https://www.xtra.fund/