Anitian and Ponemon Release New Post-COVID Cloud Boom Study That Reveals How Enterprise Digital Transformation Significantly Increased Business Growth, Security Posture, and Financial Strength

Groundbreaking research validates how enterprises benefited from the global pandemic by forcing accelerated cloud transformation.

PORTLAND, Ore., May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anitian, the leading provider of pre-engineered cloud security and compliance automation solutions, today announced the results of the Ponemon Institute’s 2022 report, “The Post-COVID Cloud Boom." Commissioned by Anitian, the novel research study polled over 600 IT and IT security professionals in the United States to understand how COVID-19 changed the migration of applications to public cloud environments and the effect it has had on organizations’ cloud security practices and costs.

According to the research, the use of public cloud resources for securing critical applications outpaced on-premises deployment because of the need to maintain a higher level of agility, flexibility and resilience during the pandemic. Further, the “boom” refers to the innovations made by cloud users and providers to respond to threats and vulnerabilities that have emerged during the pandemic.

“Our study confirms that organizations’ migration and expansion of cloud resources during the COVID pandemic significantly increased their ability to achieve its business goals,” said Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of Ponemon Institute. “Enterprise’s objectives such as revenue growth, expansion into new markets, retention and hiring of in-house expertise, and innovation were all prominent findings in our research.”

Conducted by Ponemon Institute, a total of 643 IT and IT security respondents in the United States were surveyed in organizations that use all or mostly public clouds. Highlights of the research include the following findings:

  • Despite the challenges of dealing with COVID-19, migration and transition to public clouds resulted in a boom. During this period, many organizations realized greater agility and innovation in responding to threats and vulnerabilities that emerged during the pandemic.

  • The use of most or all public cloud providers increased significantly in the post-COVID-19 era resulting in many organizations benefiting from the boom. According to 61 percent of respondents, the boom significantly increased or increased the ability of organizations to achieve their business growth despite risks due to a remote workforce.

  • The primary benefits of the boom were to support business goals. According to the research, 62 percent of respondents said the migration or transition to the public cloud was to reduce cost, 53 percent of respondents said it was to increase efficiency, and 41 percent of respondents said it was to support business growth.

  • Organizations’ cloud security improved in the Post-COVID Cloud Boom. Pre-COVID-19 before transition or migration to the public cloud, 35 percent of respondents said their organizations had a very effective cloud security posture. Post-COVID-19, nearly half (49 percent) of respondents said their organizations’ security posture is very effective. Further, business risk did not significantly increase during migration or transition to the public cloud.

  • Lower data breach costs. Organizations that migrated and transitioned all or most of their cybersecurity practices to the public cloud had significantly lower data breach costs ($13.3 million vs. $18 million) for a net benefit of $4.7 million.

“Anitian’s unrivaled technology is already disrupting the exploding cloud security and compliance market that’s clamoring for innovation empowering the ever-increasing number of enterprises making digital transformation a top priority for their businesses,” said Anitian CEO, Rakesh Narasimhan. “In a post-COVID environment, organizations must continue to improve their security posture as threats continue to become more advanced over time.”

The full Post-COVID Cloud Boom report is now available

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Dr. Larry Ponemon will join Anitian for an upcoming episode of the Security on Cloud podcast to discuss the results of The Post-COVID Cloud Boom report and results.

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Anitian and Ponemon Release New Post-COVID Cloud Boom Study That Reveals How Enterprise Digital Transformation Significantly Increased Business G