D2L Launches Brightspace Creator+ Early Access Program

D2L Brightspace participants will gain early access to new content creation platform, engaging interactives and advanced media experiences

TORONTO, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- D2L, a global learning technology company, today introduced its new Creator+ Early Access Program, which will provide an easy-to-use content creation experience and enable instructors to create their own content using seamless and familiar Brightspace workflows to save time, effort and money.

Building on 20+ years of award-winning course design excellence, D2L Brightspace Creator+ is the next evolution of our Engagement+ package. It simplifies the complexity of creating learning content to make any content creator feel confident and empowered to build compelling and engaging courses for their learners. This package of ready-made content templates, easy-to-use interactive elements, screen captures, and practice exercises allows educators to craft beautiful and instructionally sound content using seamless and familiar Brightspace workflows. Creator+ removes the friction between experts getting their content to their audiences.

“In partnership with our customers, we are excited to deliver on the ongoing need for digital learning author tools that are both easy to use and result in deeper levels of student engagement and student success,” said Stephen Laster, Chief Operating Officer of D2L. “Creator+ is purposefully built to support course developers, faculty, and instructors in the efficient development of world-class learning experiences. In keeping with D2L’s deep commitment to education and customer partnerships, we are excited to launch this Early Access Program so that we can continue to work closely with education leaders in this critical area.”

Brightspace Creator+ includes:

  • Ready-made content templates & elements – Create delightful and accessible content by inserting flexible, user-friendly and interactive elements in courses without requiring any coding skills.
  • Practice exercises – Ensure important concepts are understood and keep learners excited with pre-built question types.
  • Multimedia recordings – Create screen or video recordings easily and add them directly into a course with the Capture app – with closed captions and chaptering automatically added – whether at home, in the office or in class.  
  • Content styler – Set global course content styles for your organization, a collection of courses, or just one – ensuring design consistency.
  • Built-in training – Learn instructional design best practices and review use cases right in the Creator+ features to ensure creators are informed and inspired.

D2L Brightspace customers that opt-in to participate in the Early Access Program will gain exclusive access to Creator+ tools and a private Creator+ Community area from Spring 2022 through Fall 2022, with the opportunity to help influence the direction and priorities of the upcoming Creator+ launch. For more information, please visit: https://www.D2L.com/brightspace/creator/.

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