Wellthy Launches New Capability to Address Social Isolation in Caregiving

Wellthy Community is an expert-moderated, peer-to-peer network for caregivers to exchange knowledge and get support

NEW YORK, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wellthy, the leading solution for caregiving support, today announced the launch of Wellthy Community, a peer support network that enables Wellthy members to connect online with others with shared caregiving journeys. The new product will include moderated discussions on specific caregiving topics, such as special needs care or accessing resources for veterans; virtual events and webinars; and expert guidance from Wellthy’s care professionals who can offer ideas and provide answers.

“Being a caregiver can feel isolating and overwhelming, but a huge number of Americans — about one in five — are going through the same thing,” said Wellthy CEO Lindsay Jurist-Rosner. “We created Wellthy Community to empower caregivers to share challenges, ideas, and resources, and ultimately, make the act of caregiving a little less lonely.”

Caregiving is a nonstop activity. That is why Wellthy Community, unlike a traditional support group, is available 24/7 so that members can get social support whenever and wherever they need it. The high volume of interactions and specificity of topics means that caregivers can connect with exactly who they’re looking for, and continuous expert moderation ensures that all members receive timely and relevant resources and advice.

Ongoing caregiving demands commonly lead to social isolation, which can spill over into other mental and physical health problems. Between 40 and 70 percent of family caregivers experience clinical depression, and those experiencing isolation are at an increased risk of problems like heart disease and dementia. Feelings of social isolation can also affect caregivers’ professional lives, with 56 percent of caregivers saying their supervisors are not aware of their caregiving responsibilities, meaning they cannot show their true selves at work. Wellthy Community offers the opportunity for moderated connection with others experiencing the same caregiving stresses, regardless of the time or place.

Wellthy Community fits within the existing Wellthy offering, so program sponsors can provide employees with the opportunity to connect with peers without adding a new benefit. Wellthy Community is already in use by several companies on Wellthy’s Client Advisory Board. Wellthy works with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Best Buy, and Salesforce.

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