Yo-Health Inc., Signs Contract to Acquire Food Distributor

Lido Beach, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yo-Health Inc., a rapidly expanding privately held company focused on creating high quality national brands, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract to acquire a mid-west wholesale food distributor. The Company’s strategy is to expand its portfolio of business by offering end to end support for its operations, with centralized distribution centers. The acquisition is intended be the cornerstone for the Company’s future growth and for improving cost efficiencies.

Peter Thawnghmung, the Company CEO, stated: “We are pleased with our progress to date. Our overall goal is to transition to a publicly listed entity in 2022.”        



Yo-Health Inc., was formed as a Nevada corporation in 2020 and is based in New York, NY

Sushi / Asian Fusion foods offered through a grab and go service.

Sun & Moon drinkable yogurt manufacturing and distribution.

Joyce’s Bakery wholesale and retail operations.

Yo-Health Inc., wholesale distribution operations.

Our Management team is focused on healthy alternatives in the fast-food industry. Yo-Health Inc., subsidiaries, will operate grab & go restaurants in selected areas. Yoshi Inc., offers sushi / Hibachi with operations located in supermarkets and stand-alone restaurants. The company plans to open manufacturing and distribution facilities to support the expansion effort. The company currently has 19 Yoshi operations in Baton Rouge, LA, Ohio and Indiana. The locations are servicing The Ohio State University market, the Indianapolis business district and a Sun & Moon Café servicing the University of Illinois. Our New York manufacturing facility of our Branded yogurt line is targeted to open in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Joyce’s Bakery is expected to open in the 3rd quarter of 2022 in Indiana as well.

Our Management team has a strong connection in the Sushi market and is utilizing a roll up strategy to expand its foot print in the supermarket chains.

Yo-Health Inc’s goal is to manufacture, distribute and supply all operations with products required to operate through its subsidiaries while capturing revenues in both wholesale and retail markets.

Our Vision: To become the “Starbucks” of Drinkable & Set Yogurt, complemented with our baked goods… and to be the “Chipotle” of sushi , hibachi and a variety of Asian Fusion foods.

Our Mission: To produce high-quality, natural, fresh, healthy, and great tasting food products distributed to consumer markets across the country. To provide excellent opportunities for employees, contractors, and investors to grow and realize the American dream.

Our Focus: Building our brand and growing market share through consistently delivering delicious tasting, high quality products through our retail and wholesale distribution.

Sun & Moon Café:

  • Café style setting
  • Feature Yogurt products: Drinkable, Crème, Frozen yogurt
  • Specialty Teas and Juices
  • Baked goods: Cookies, Cakes, …


  • Restaurant setting and Grocery store
  • “Grab and Go” with minimal seating
  • Feature Sushi, Hibachi & Asian Fusion menus
  • Sell Sun & Moon Yogurt: Drinkable, Crème, Smoothies

Joyce’s Bakery:    

  • Baked goods for wholesale & retail, in a café setting
  • Coffee, Juices, Teas and Selected Items  

Business Strategy:

  • Roll-up strategy to expand Retail and Wholesale distribution
  • Major focus on wholesale drinkable Yogurt
  • Target area’s East coast, Midwest and South
  • “Contractors” to operate select retail stores
  • Company owned manufacturing / Distribution facilities
  • Yogurt and Sushi manufacturing plants for wholesale distribution
  • Utilize expert consultants for product quality and safety, manufacturing and distribution.

Current Retail Stores:

  1. Acquired Win’s Sushi in Baton Rouge, LA.
    • 16 grocery store locations in Louisiana
  2. Indianapolis, IN (Downtown)
    • Yoshi Restaurant (Sept 2021)
  3. Columbus, OH – Ohio State University
    • Yoshi Restaurant (February 2022)
  4. Champaign, IL (University of Illinois)
    • Sun & Moon Yogurt Cafe (2022)

Future Retail Locations

  1. Indianapolis, Mann Rd.– Mfg / Retail - OWNED
    • Plan to open 1st quarter 2023
  2. Baton Rouge, LA – Yoshi retail - OWNED
    • Plan to open 4th Quarter 2022
  3. Columbus, OH: OT Road Yoshi Retail - OWNED
    • Plan to open 4th Quarter 2022

Yogurt / Sushi Manufacturing:

  1. Flushing, NY: Yogurt manufacturing –LEASED
    • Plan to open June / July 2022
  2. Baton Rouge, LA: Yogurt + Sushi –OWNED
    • Plan to open 4th Quarter 2022
  3. Mann Road Indiana owned
    • Planned to open 4th 1st Quarter 2023

Wholesale operations:

  • (Indiana) Plan to be operational 3rd Quarter 2022

For further information please see our website at: www.yo-healthinc.com

Contact: Rosemarie Moschetta: 516-650-7157

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500 sq ft Yogurt Manufacturing Facility
Mann Rd., Indianapolis, IN

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