Amazing Graze Flowers Recommends the Best Indoor Plants to Bring Life to Any Space

Nothing breathes life into a space quite like indoor plants, and the best options are those that require little maintenance.

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to leading florist Amazing Graze Flowers, who offers same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, most of the best indoor plants require little in terms of maintenance, but there are some key considerations to ensure the choices are right for a particular space. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is what kind of light is available. While many indoor plants thrive in spaces with minimal sunlight, others may require direct sunlight or bright, indirect light. Space is another critical factor that will determine the right choice of indoor plant, as some indoor plants, like fiddle leaf figs, can grow quite large, says Amazing Graze Flowers.

Requiring little water and able to tolerate low light, the mother-in-law's tongue or snake plant is a stunning plant with twisted, snake-like leaves. Bright and vibrant, this hardy indoor plant is incredibly easy to look after. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends using a well-draining pot and allowing the soil to dry out before watering.

Preferring warm temperatures, the monstera is an easy-care evergreen indoor plant with large, exotic-looking leaves. Amazing Graze Flowers says this plant should be kept away from direct sunlight and requires little watering.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, orchids are another super-low maintenance option, requiring watering every 10 days, according to Amazing Graze Flowers. This plant grows best in bright, indirect sunlight and blooms often, creating a stunning feature for any space. 

Rubber plants are another great low-maintenance option, says Amazing Graze Flowers. Thriving in warm, indoor spaces, this robust plant can survive in low light and requires watering just once every couple of weeks and even less during winter.

Growing best indoors with low light, the peace lily likes to be watered a lot at once, but the soil should be left to dry out before watering. A well-draining pot will help prevent root rot, explains Amazing Graze Flowers. With tall and vibrant green leaves, as the peace lily matures it blooms with gorgeous white flowers throughout the year.

With affordable prices and same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, Amazing Graze Flowers offers an easy online ordering process. To shop for indoor plants and flower arrangements, visit their website.

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