DeFi First Comprehensive Asset Management Platform Launches Utility Token Pepperbird...

Pepperbird Token (PBIRD) powers a cutting-edge ecosystem of financial tools, AI, tax documenting, debt management, and an educational hub that enhances and empowers it’s community.

Knightdale, NC, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the introduction of cryptocurrency and altcoins in particular becomes a big part of the everyday investor’s portfolio, the need for diversification and rapid growth is driving more investors into the world of decentralized finance. 

The DeFi landscape is experiencing a burst of growth from both investors and projects alike; with projects being launched daily offering holders the usual reflectionary income and regular hype of buybacks and burn. It is promising when a project offers more.

One company, Pepperbird Finance scheduled to launch its utility token Pepperbird (PBIRD), May 30th on Pinksale has a noteworthy utility, a comprehensive asset management system designed to consolidate the managing and budgeting of your finances in both the centralized and decentralized sphere.

The utility deemed, JenFin Engine will eliminate the need for multiple budgeting and tax tracking applications. JenFin will enhance the user experience by tracking users' Traditional finance and decentralized finance in one place, the system designed to pull Defi transactions off the blockchain will give users a more accurate picture of their buy/sell gains and losses; making tax time a lot less complicated. Users will have the option to create income and growth portfolios (360 view of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and crypto), track liabilities, staking pools and set alerts; creating a much better foundation for wealth building.

A key spokesperson was quoted as saying “Pepperbird Finance ecosystem is crafted to empower its holders with information needed to manage finances, build income streams and take control of debt by consolidating the management of Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We have done extensive research and have targeted useful utilities that will keep our reflection pool and charity initiatives funded.”

The Pepperbird team has chosen to tackle a task that is needed in DeFi space, a better way to track and manage altcoin investments in one application. They have also crafted the financial tools and utilities with key focus on driving the token use case within the ecosystem. Holders gain access to discounts, tiers, percentage boost and staking incentive; which in turn increase use, decrease circulation and increase token value.

Presale for native token Pepperbird (PBIRD) starts May30th on Their private sale round ends May 25th. There will be a whitelist and Public round on May30th, whitelisters will have an advantage for a couple of hours before the launchpad is open to the public.

Whitepaper can be found here:

Join Pepperbird’s Presale: Pepperbird Presale Whitelist


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