Pramana Labs to Power Natural Language Search in the Domo Platform

With Pramana’s NLP technology, Domo customers can query massive datastores in free text instantly

Raleigh, N.C., May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raleigh, N.C. - Pramana Labs, an AI technology company, today announced that its powerful natural language processing (NLP) will be integrated into Domo’s low-code data app platform, giving organizations natural language search capabilities that make it easier and faster to gain insights into their data.

Adding Pramana’s distinctive NLP technology to Domo’s growing app inventory enables users to leverage normal human language to get answers to complex queries of very large databases. Domo customers will be able to unlock valuable learnings from hundreds of data sources to power revenue-generating and cost-saving business decisions.

“We are excited to offer Pramana’s capabilities on our cloud-based platform to enable quicker and easier natural language insights for our customers,” said Vita Shannon, Domo's vice president of partners and ecosystems. “Domo is committed to enabling easy access to data and insights where work happens, and the integration with Pramana’s technology will bring immediate and significant practical business value.”

Pramana works with companies that have massive historical data archives and can automatically generate ongoing insights from databases that are constantly being updated. Organizations such as the National Hockey League (NHL) leverage Pramana to get instant answers to real-time complex statistical questions on the fly.

“Our vision is to make data a two-way conversation,” said Pramana CEO Corey Patton. “Working with Domo — a leader in cloud-based business intelligence, analytics and data apps — affirms that users want a simple, elegant and more intuitive experience with their data.”


About Pramana
Pramana Labs, Inc., creates AI products that leverage the power of natural language processing and natural language generation, allowing users from all industries to ask questions of their data with simplicity and consume new insights naturally. Pramana’s flagship application, Pramana SHIFT, provides seamless access to information in free text, while also generating prose narratives from dynamic datasets as new information arrives. Additional information available at


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