Social App TIYA Integrates Spotify, Enabling In-App Music and Podcast Sharing With Friends

SINGAPORE, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TIYA, a real-time social networking platform and a subsidiary of LIZHI INC. (NASDAQ: LIZI), a U.S.-listed company, has launched a new and integrated Spotify function.

The Spotify function, which is available through the latest app update, enables TIYA users to listen to music or podcasts together by sharing Spotify features between mobile devices using the TIYA App. This further enriches TIYA users’ real-time online interactions and allows them to be even more connected with friends anytime, anywhere.

TIYA is home to diverse groups with wide-ranging interests where group members can chat via text or audio; play games together; develop shared interests through relevant groups or in real-time interactive group spaces; watch YouTube videos; and listen to music and podcasts.

“Enjoying music together has emerged as one of the most popular interactive features among TIYA users in the U.S., such as through using the in-app YouTube playback feature to listen to music with friends in TIYA’s real-time interactive group spaces. With the rollout of the new Spotify function in TIYA, which enables access to Spotify’s expansive selection of content directly from the streaming service, our users now have another tool to socialize and share their lifestyles and interests,” shared by James Lin, TIYA’s CEO.

Meanwhile, the TIYA App also offers Spotify’s global users a new platform to listen to music and podcasts as well as interact with their friends at the same time.

Since its launch, TIYA has accumulated nearly 20 million downloads as a social networking and community-oriented app that aims to meet the young generation’s needs to stay connected and for entertainment on a user-friendly platform.

Gaming-related groups used to be among the most active groups on TIYA, but as more interactive features developed over the past year, TIYA has become a more multifaceted platform where users can find new friends of similar interests or create their own groups. TIYA now aims to meet users’ social needs in diverse usage scenarios by continuously innovating easy-to-use online social networking tools and creating a real-time interactive social space.

“TIYA is an alternative to typing-based social networking platforms, allowing users to more quickly and easily enter an online room and chat in real time,” Lin said. “With TIYA’s more casual vibe, users also feel more at ease and comfortable, which is why many of our users log into TIYA and create rooms to chat with their close friends and listen to music together as an everyday routine.”

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Founded in 2019, TIYA is a social networking app for online communities and a subsidiary of LIZHI INC. (NASDAQ:LIZI), a NASDAQ-listed company. Launched in the U.S. in 2020, the TIYA App provides interactive experiences to connect users globally. Featuring a ‘live’ social networking experience, the TIYA App encourages real-time and candid conversations through voices.

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