Documentary “Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again” Shines in Cannes, on Touring at European Film Festivals

"Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again" has won the Best Documentary Award at the Prague Film Festival in the Czech Republic

Paris, France,

Paris, France, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 75th Cannes Film Festival ended successfully a few days ago, which is the biggest cultural event in Europe after the return to normal life since the pandemic of covid-19. "Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again", a documentary about Hong Kong, China, sparked heated discussions in Cannes Film Festival. The film held a screening event on May 27, French time. The audience applauded for 3 minutes after the screening, some audience enthusiastically discussed the film and said that they were stunned and their impressions of Hong Kong were refreshed.

On May 17th and May 23rd, when "Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again" was screened online at the Cannes Film Festival, it attracted many audiences and filmmakers from various countries. Media reporters, such as New York Times columnist, and Osaka Asian Film Festival programmer, the film manager of the German Art Cinema expressed strong interest in the film.

The documentary directed by French director Benoit Lelievre, differs from "Revolution of Our Times", which was shown in Cannes last year, and shows us a vibrant and peaceful Hong Kong. He let us see their perseverance and bravery, kindness and tolerance, solidarity and mutual assistance.

Before screening at the Cannes Film Festival, "Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again" has won the Best Documentary Award at the Prague Film Festival in the Czech Republic, and has been widely acclaimed in many screenings. The festival director Zuzana expressed her love for the film. The jury said, “This film is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of Prague Film Festival 2022, offering a new perspective and thinking to European audiences.”

Moira Sullivan, a famous Swedish film critic, said after watching the film: "It’s a well-crafted documentary with skillfull editing and excellent cinematography. The return to spring is hallmarked by tenacity and strength shown through a myriad of images and events.

Vanessa McMahon, Cannes Film Festival identification professional film reviewer, wrote on the film review website: “This is a love letter to the vibrancy and diversity of a Hong Kong that has been drastically hit by the Covid pandemic for the last two years. Showing us that hope and spring are blooming together, this new and inspiring camera work reveals the hopes and lifted spirits of the Hong Kong people.”

The film has received invitations to participate in major film festivals such as the Sweden Balkan Film Festival and the Crete International Film Festival in Greece etc, and will continue to meet audiences from all over Europe. As professor Claus Mueller (NY Hunter University) said: "Spring, Seeing Hong Kong again" is an excellent read about Hong Kong at present, and it is worth to see the latest look of this oriental city for audiences from all over the world.

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Spring, Seeing Hong Kong Again

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