Aquanee, Upcoming GameFi Project Announces Its ISO on

Aquanee, a metaverse gaming project built on the Binance Smart chain, has announced ISO on one of the world's leading exchanges,, as it moves closer to launching its project.

Taipei City, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aquanee is a blockchain-based real-time combat simulation game (SLG). An ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain includes games, DEX, and NFT markets. Aquanee recently launched its genesis NFTs on the well-known Binance NFT marketplace, and it plans to take things even further with its upcoming ISO (Initial Startup Offering). Aquanee began by selling its first batch of 5,000 uniquely generated NFTs called Aqua on the Binance marketplace, providing holders with various utilities, such as access to Aquanee's Ocean Water World, its metaverse project. In addition, Aquanee launched the IDO of its native token, $AQDC, on Tokensoft in April, which also sold out on launch day.

Aquanee's gaming project is an immersive, fun, and fantastic game, evidenced by numerous positive reviews. "It's a "casual game" of nurturing, exploring, constantly unlocking new maps, and obtaining stronger AQUA," one user said. Yes, I prefer "casual game" over "blockchain game." But, because of my gaming experience, I can sit still and watch these little fish swim around the bottom of my ocean for an entire day."

The ISO is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2022, and end on June 2, 2022, with the price of $AQDC beginning at zero dollars. In addition, Aquanee is currently running a social media campaign on Twitter in which it is giving away $50 to ten of its most loyal users and community members. AQDC will also make its debut on popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart on June 2, 2022, making $AQDC easily accessible and tradeable.

Top cryptocurrency ranking sites such as CRYPTORANK and ICOHOLDER have featured Aquanee. Aquanee has also been featured on Project Galaxy, demonstrating how far the Aquanee team has come in such a short time. More information on the ISO can be found here:


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