GovPilot Partners with the International Code Council and General Code to Bring Digital Codes Access to Local Governments

Software integrations with ICC’s Code Connect™ API and General Code’s eCode360 allows GovPilot customers to access codes through GovPilot modules

Manasquan, NJ, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GovPilot, a provider of modern cloud-based government management software has partnered with the International Code Council (ICC) and General Code to integrate the organization’s newly launched, ICC Code Connect™ API. ICC Code Connect™ API was created to empower organizations with instant, digital access to the latest building code requirements within their existing workflow applications. 

The partnership validates GovPilot as an approved third-party reseller of ICC Code Connect™ API and will significantly improve efficiency of digital processes currently utilized by GovPilot’s local government customers. 

Additionally, GovPilot has partnered with General Code which is a member of the International Code Council  Family of Solutions. General Code’s eCode360 API allows communities to seamlessly integrate content from the proprietary eCode360 API online code portal into their own systems and platforms, now including GovPilot.  By leveraging code as data, the eCode360 API provides a reliable live connection to information housed on eCode360 via the applications local governments already use and eliminates the need to import code information manually.

Together, these integrations will enable GovPilot customers to establish a direct connection to the Code Council’s codes and eCode360 API from within GovPilot’s user modules.

“Our partnerships with the ICC and Code Connect will enable GovPilot customers to search and import the most up to date codes from the Code Council directly in their GovPilot modules. With seamless access to codes, officials will be able to further streamline their record processing. Ultimately this will result in safer communities and efficient, expedited services for local governments and their constituents,” said James Delmonico, GovPilot’s Chief Product Officer. 

ICC Code Connect™ API and the eCode360 API library provide organizations seamless command over the Code Council’s code content integration in a convenient and efficient way. The software contains simplified search tools, the latest code content, confidence in accuracy and the ability to streamline common code references within existing workflow tools. 

“With the increased need for more efficient online and digital services for building safety professionals, the development of ICC Code Connect™ API comes as an innovative solution to save organizations time and money,” said Joan O’Neil, International Code Council Chief Knowledge Officer. “We are excited to partner with GovPilot in order to provide enhanced digital services to local governments and the building community.”

“By making General Code’s eCode360 available to GovPilot customers, this partnership will simplify how local governments and their constituents find, access, and share information in order to work more cohesively and efficiently on behalf of their community,” said Wayne Childs, General Code Director of Business Development and Technical Solutions. 

To learn more about GovPilot, click here. To learn more about ICC Code Connect™ API, click here. To learn more about General Code, click here

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About GovPilot: 

GovPilot - named a GovTech 100 company for five consecutive years - is the leader in digital transformation for local governments. GovPilot's cloud-based platform was built with the sole purpose of enabling local governments to operate at their full potential by standardizing, digitizing, and unifying more than 100 operational and constituent service processes on one operating system.

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About the International Code Council (ICC):

The International Code Council is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions. Code Council codes, standards and solutions are used to ensure safe, affordable and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide.

ICC Media Contact: Donna Campbell | | (734) 660-6518

About General Code:

General Code’s unique expertise and code-centric solutions simplify how local governments and their constituents find, access, and share information — empowering communities to work better together. By intelligently connecting vital code content in a digital environment, communities can work more cohesively to effectively overcome challenges and create greater opportunities for growth.

With 60 years of experience, 4,000 local government clients trust General Code with their municipal code, zoning code and building code content. As a member of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, we offer more forward-thinking technologies than ever before. Let us help you to better leverage your municipal content and grow a stronger, more connected community.


GovPilot Partners with International Code Council and General CodeCode

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