Lightup and PagerDuty Integration Delivers Real-Time Data Quality Incident Monitoring and Response for the Enterprise

Lightup joins PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program and Demonstrates Data Quality Monitoring Solution at PagerDuty Summit

Mountain View, California, UNITED STATES

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightup, developers of a breakthrough data quality monitoring solution, today announced it has joined PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program and integrated Lightup’s data quality solutions with PagerDuty. The partnership and integration provide enterprises with real-time insights and incident response to prevent data quality issues that can have a devastating impact on business. Lightup is demonstrating the capabilities of the integrated solution today at PagerDuty Summit.

Data quality issues are often symptoms of problems affecting an enterprise’s core business and require the same real-time operational alerting and incident management response as issues with the organization’s applications or underlying IT infrastructure. Lightup’s enterprise-grade data quality monitoring solution provides organizations with an ideal solution for ensuring data quality for SQL data stores and streaming data sources that can be up and running in minutes. It continuously tracks the data going into and coming out of a data lake to detect significant changes that are indicative of degradation in data quality. Lightup uses anomaly detection, powered by machine learning to meet the dynamic nature of high cardinality and near-real-time streaming data volumes.

“A growing number of PagerDuty enterprise customers are interested in solutions such as Lightup’s to proactively identify and understand changes to their data that indicate critical issues with their data pipeline, and we are excited to welcome Lightup into our partner program to help them understand these problems,” said Steve Gross, Sr Director, Global Technology Ecosystem at PagerDuty. “Our customers will benefit from Lightup and PagerDuty’s integration to unify our approach to identifying and responding to data quality issues.“

“Our partnership and integration with PagerDuty further raises the visibility of data quality by escalating it to the attention of site reliability and data engineering teams for rapid resolution,” said Manu Bansal, Lightup co-founder and CEO. “The majority of Lightup’s customers use PagerDuty and we are excited to harness its power to deliver data reliability – and agile data operations – to every enterprise for which data is important.”

Along with real-time incident notification and management of data quality issues, the integration includes key capabilities such as:

  • Easy access to critical incident details for fast remediation
  • Linkage to powerful data quality health dashboards that provide transparency into the health of your data
  • Streamlined collaborative triage and incident management functionality for geographically distributed, always-on data teams

To learn more about Lightup’s integration with PagerDuty, please visit To request a demo of Lightup, or signup for a free trial and see the system in action first-hand, please visit

About Lightup
Lightup has developed a breakthrough data quality monitoring solution that proactively detects and explains significant changes in data that indicate issues with the data pipeline. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Lightup is the first solution that provides developers with an out-of-box solution that ensures data quality for SQL data stores such as Snowflake and Databricks and streaming data sources including Kafka and Segment.

About PagerDuty
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