Lanza techVentures’ Lucio Lanza Joins NexTech Batteries Board of Directors

Will Work to Meet NexTech’s Mission to Make Batteries More affordable, Durable, Safer

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NexTech Batteries, the global leader in proprietary lithium-sulfur battery technology, today named Lucio Lanza, managing partner of Lanza techVentures, to its Board of Directors.

In announcing Lanza’s appointment, Bill Burger, founder, chairman and CEO of NexTech Batteries, praised him for his technical abilities, business acumen and ability to identify the promise of entrepreneurial ventures. “I had the pleasure of working with Lucio at Intel and know the valuable insights he brings to a company he believes in,” says Burger. “Lucio and I will work closely to meet NexTech’s mission to make batteries more affordable, more durable and safer.”

“NexTech is focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship,” notes Lanza. “It holds the promise of delivering solid-state batteries to revolutionize the automotive industry, renewable energy and grid storage applications and portable electronics while setting a new standard in energy density, safety and cost. With Bill Burger’s leadership, extensive experience and well-honed skillset, NexTech is certain to meet its goals to become the leading company in the world for energy storage. I’m delighted to be named to NexTech’s board.”
Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, NexTech batteries develops lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery technology using processes and earth-friendly materials to produce batteries with energy densities and overall power superior to current lithium-ion batteries. It was founded in 2016 after securing license rights and patents to lithium sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recognizing the promise and scientific superiority of lithium sulfur.

About NexTech Batteries

NexTech batteries is a global leader in lithium-sulfur battery science underpinned by patented processes and materials that produce energy density far superior to previous generation batteries. The Carson City, Nevada- based company is positioned to offer lithium-sulfur batteries with unparalleled safety, superior performance, lower weight and lower cost to global vehicle electrification, consumer electronics, renewable energy storage, aircraft and more. Focus on a more ethical supply chain and environmental stewardship is reinforced by the company’s push for U.S.-sourced materials and no reliance on expensive or foreign commodities. NexTech batteries was founded in early 2016 and was the result of the exclusive license to the rights and patents to the lithium-sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

About Lanza
Lanza techVentures is an early-stage investment firm that transforms innovative startups into high-value companies through unique vision, insight and a profound understanding of technology and its trends. Founded in 2001 by Lucio Lanza, Lanza techVentures acts as a strategic partner and advisor for early- to mid-stage companies in the design software and IP, semiconductor and the open-source silicon movement, healthcare and biotechnology market sectors. Dr. Lanza, who serves as Lanza techVentures’ managing partner, has been active in the technology sector as an engineer, an executive and an investor for more than 50 years. Computer and chip design done today directly benefits from the critical role that he and Lanza techVentures play in bringing key technologies to market, having invested in more than 50 companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Many of these companies continue to be growing concerns, while others have reached successful outcomes through an IPO or by merger or acquisition with other companies.

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