Blockgraph and FullThrottle, Announce Integration to Unlock New Levels of Addressable Targeting for TV Advertisements

Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System to enable FullThrottle’s first-party household data to support privacy-compliant targeting and planning

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockgraph, the technology company making the future of privacy-focused, data-driven TV advertising possible, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with FullThrottle, a leading end-to-end, first-party data platform. According to the agreement, FullThrottle’s customers will be able to match and activate their aggregated data in a privacy-focused manner with participating Blockgraph partners using Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS). The integration will support a comprehensive addressable TV solution for advertisers in the automotive industry and other key verticals.

The continued evolution of new television devices and streaming services poses significant challenges as advertisers endeavor to maximize budget efficiency and measure success across all of their TV advertising. With potential customers dividing their attention across platforms and screens, advertisers must increase their precision and efficiency to effectively reach their audience and measure their return on investment.  Applying aggregated and de-identified data is essential for success, enabling advertisers to deliver a personalized appeal directly to the target household audiences. 
“Planning and executing TV advertising campaigns now requires significant technological and data capabilities,” said Aleck Schleider, CRO of Blockgraph. “With first-party data resources like those provided by FullThrottle, marketers can be even more confident that their message is reaching their intended audience. Blockgraph’s IDoS will significantly improve advertising efficiency and outcomes for FullThrottle’s customers, and we look forward to combining our expertise in service of more effective convergent TV campaigns.”

Integrating FullThrottle’s first-party data platform within Blockgraph’s IDoS will make it possible for FullThrottle customers to safely and swiftly resolve household identity by integrating FullThrottle’s first-party data platform within Blockgraph’s IDoS. The integration allows advertisers to take a deterministic approach to planning, targeting, and measurement, dramatically improving the reach and effectiveness of addressable TV advertisements.

“We are excited to help clients leverage their unique first-party FullThrottle household data by connecting into Blockgraph’s IDoS to drive compelling addressable TV results,” said Amol Waishampayan, Chief Product Officer of FullThrottle. “This partnership unlocks further value for our advertisers on their journey to end-to-end data-driven advertising.”

About Blockgraph
Blockgraph is a technology company that makes the future of data-driven TV advertising possible. The world’s leading media, technology, and information services companies collaborate with trusted partners using Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS) to create and implement privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions. Blockgraph is owned by Charter Communications Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, and Paramount. For more information, please visit Blockgraph at

About FullThrottle

FullThrottle is an end-to-end, first party data platform that facilitates identification, marketing, and measurement of audiences across all mediums. Powered by Advanced AI, FullThrottle customizes data-driven retail solutions for agencies, media companies, and brands. For more information, visit

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