UPDATE: The Cherry Network Mainnet Launch Has Completed

The official launch will be followed by the release of development tools and the launch of over 50 ecosystem projects in the coming quarters.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cherry, the smart contract enabled decentralized file storage protocol, has announced the successful completion of their mainnet network today. This announcement comes at the culmination of months of development, momentum buildup, community meetups, scaling, ecosystem expansion, and new partners joining the Cherry platform.

Over the last several months, the Cherry team successfully implemented several strategic and operational improvements and enhancements to the Cherry chain and ecosystem. These include the launch of the Cherry Chain testnet earlier this year, relocation to new corporate offices, a significant hiring drive, which has doubled their workforce, and the development of frameworks, SDKs, and a user-friendly blockchain UI, all of which are essential for the widespread adoption of Cherry. The Cherry Bridge and several foundational ecosystem elements such as stablecoins, DEXs, and lending platforms have also been under steady development by the Cherry team during this time.

Herman Jacobs, co-founder of the Cherry project and CEO of Cherry Labs, the first early-stage investment firm and incubator focused exclusively on the Cherry Ecosystem, commented on the upcoming mainnet launch by saying: “Cherry is a highly-optimized layer-one solution that comes with the decentralization, security, speed, boundless throughput, and cost efficiency expected of production ready blockchain solutions. We built Cherry to abstract from the complexities of developing Web3 applications so that developers, programmers, and innovators can effortlessly build on top of our optimized and stable suite of features native to the Cherry Network. This way, our users can spend less time reinventing the wheel and focus on building better products for their users.”

Buer, the Lead Blockchain Developer at Cherry, added the following: “By bringing a decentralized storage protocol trustlessly accessible by smart contracts, we bring a broad range of tools, services, and features with which developers can interact with Cherry Network, including a production-ready toolkit that empowers developers to build dApps with ease. The mainnet launch is a huge step toward achieving the Cherry vision of giving our users censorship-resistant control over their digital assets, trustless access, and decentralized CRUD on decentralized storage that is runtime accessible by smart contracts – all with inbuilt privacy, security, massive scalability, and interoperability across the entire cryptoverse.”

With Cherry, developers can deploy smart contract code to Cherry Network or directly connect their dApps on Ethereum, Binance’s BNB Chain, Polygon, and most other general purpose blockchains via the Cherry Interoperability Channels. This allows developers to seamlessly leverage Cherry for parts or all their smart contracts and breathe new life into their decentralized applications.

Also, thanks to pseudonymous access to network resources through a unified network-wide identity management system, users enjoy anonymity both on chain and through off chain advanced cryptographic constructs called zkRollups.

Alongside Cherry’s peer-to-peer file storage module and the Cherry Virtual Machine – a powerful smart contract platform for building and running decentralized applications – a slew of new dApps is being built on Cherry, and there are a number of high-profile partners and investors also joining the Cherry ecosystem. These dApps and partnerships will be announced by the Cherry team in due course.

About Cherry

Cherry is the first truly trustless file system. As a decentralized layer-one blockchain that is purpose-built to sustain the data needs of Web3 applications, Cherry empowers developers to build for Web3 like never before. With a suite of highly stable and optimized features, boundless scalability, low-cost transacting, interoperability with several leading blockchain protocols, and a growing team with deep blockchain and digital services experience, Cherry is positioned to be the go-to development platform for world-changing, Web3-optimized apps for years to come. Learn more by visiting https://www.cherry.network/.

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