XPENG Turns Heads With X2 Flying Car and P7 Wing Edition Sedan at EVS35

  • Key representatives from XPENG and XPENG AEROHT speak about the key challenges and opportunities for the EV industry at EVS35 in Oslo.
  • XPENG reveals ambitions to introduce innovative products to the European market, with a commitment to continuously developing intelligent mobility solutions for a more sustainable future.

OSLO, Norway, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XPENG, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, is participating in the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS35) in Oslo Norway from June 11-15, showcasing its head-turning portfolio of vehicles that includes the XPENG P7 Wing Edition sedan and XPENG X2 Flying Car. Key representatives from XPENG and XPENG AREOHT have already spoken virtually at the event's plenary sessions covering the "Future of e-mobility" and "New Cool Mobility Solutions For Cities", as well as at a heated panel discussion on connected and autonomous technology.

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS) is the most established event of its kind in the world, making it the leading international event for addressing major topics in electric mobility. EVS35 gathers policymakers, mobility industry representatives, key research communities, and NGOs to create a significant arena for networking as well as the exchange of both scientific ideas and industrial information.

XPENG Impresses With Its Innovative Mobility Solutions
As one of the few Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers to enter Europe, XPENG proudly displayed a portfolio of innovative EVs at the event, including its sleek P7 Wing Edition sedan, G3i smart SUV, and the X2 Flying Car.

XPENG also offered attendees the opportunity to test drive some of its vehicles at EVS35's Ride&Drive, allowing drivers to get a closer look at the company's in-car technology, including XPILOT (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and Xmart OS, the latter of which boasts AI-powered features.

Looking to the Future of Mobility
Brian Gu, Chairman & Vice President of XPENG, gave a virtual keynote speech as part of the “Future of e-mobility” plenary session, discussing China’s growing EV market, the key drivers behind EV adoption, and XPENG's commitment to European customers.

“China is undoubtedly an exciting market that already boasts a new energy vehicle (NEV) penetration rate of over 20%. Even in the competitive EV industry, XPENG stands out with steadily rising deliveries. Driven by the quick innovation cycle in the Chinese consumer market, we have established ourselves as a leading brand with proven R&D and manufacturing capabilities. That's why we are confident that we can continue to introduce avant-garde technology to the European EV market."

Sky's the Limit
XPENG’s exploration of safe and efficient carbon-neutral mobility solutions goes far beyond smart EVs, demonstrated by the brand's affiliation with XPENG AREOHT, the largest flying car company in Asia. Zhao Deli, founder and president of XPENG AEROHT, spoke about the company’s progress in developing its next-generation flying car, as well as future test flights in Europe. “The X2 Flying Car has been tested to fly and the next-generation model is being developed with flying and driving capabilities; on the road, it will be a smart and sleek EV, yet capable of smoothly transitioning into flight mode to deliver a totally different mobility experience. We will announce its phased R&D results by the end of this year.”

Zhao also shared the company’s vision for the future of transport, "With the advancement of technology, we anticipate flying cars will eventually become an accessible and universal means of transportation. With no manual operation required, these futuristic vehicles will completely reshape the way humans travel."

Advanced Connectivity Is Better for Everyone
During EVS35, Claes Persson, Managing Director of XPENG Norway, joined a panel discussion on connectivity and automation with the Norwegian EV Association (NEVA), Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and other experts. When asked how XPENG distinguishes itself from other brands, Persson explained that features such as smart cabins with mobile connectivity give XPENG a unique edge as they benefit a multitude of drivers with various needs. "From giving hands-free voice commands in our intelligent cabins to controlling certain in-car functions remotely via the XPENG app, the entire experience is designed to delight drivers with seamless, interactive features."

As a member of AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility), XPENG sits in the front seat of the electrification of transport in Europe. The brand's attendance at EVS35 reaffirms its commitment to providing better driving experiences through innovative technology while also upholding its promise to work toward a more sustainable future for mobility.

XPENG is a leading tech company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent mobility solutions. We explore the diversity of mobility including electric vehicles (EVs), electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and robotics. We focus on creating a future of mobility that uses thoughtful and empathetic intelligence to improve the driving experience.

XPENG is committed to in-house R&D, with almost 40% of our employees working in R&D-related areas helping to develop our expanding product portfolio. The Company has created a full-stack Advanced Driver Assistance System (XPILOT), as well as an intelligent operating system (Xmart OS) for an enhanced in-car experience. XPENG has also developed core vehicle systems for enhanced driving capabilities, including powertrains and advanced electronic architecture.

XPENG is headquartered in Guangzhou, China with multi-regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and San Diego. In 2021, the Company established its European headquarters in Amsterdam, along with other dedicated offices in Copenhagen, Munich, Oslo, and Stockholm. XPENG's EVs are manufactured at a fully-owned plant located in Zhaoqing, China. To further expand our production capacity, two new self-owned intelligent EV manufacturing bases in Guangzhou and Wuhan are under construction now.

For more information about XPENG and our product availability in specific regions, please visit our website: www.heyxpeng.com

XPENG AEROHT was established by Zhao Deli in 2013. In 2020, He Xiaopeng and XPENG Motors jointly invested and held the establishment of XPENG AEROHT, which is dedicated to produce the safest intelligent electric flying car. XPENG AEROHT is headquartered in Guangzhou and has set up R&D centers for flying cars in Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc., flight test bases in Guangzhou.

We have a team of high-tech R&D talents in multiple fields such as comprehensive avionics, flight test, airworthiness, safety, structural mechanics, industrial design, embedded system, etc. We have experience in developing and testing unmanned flight systems. Now we have nearly 700 staffs, where over 85% are R&D personnel(over half of them own master's degree or doctor's degree). By the end of 2022, our team members will exceed 1000.

XPENG AEROHT is the constitutor of the standards for China's new flying car. We have been implemented more than 15,000 flight tests. Furthermore, the refined appearance of our products won the highest level of industrial design awards such as Red Dot Award, IF Award and IDEA Design Award, etc.

In 2021, XPENG AEROHT raised US$500+ million in Series A financing, which is the largest single-tranche funding of low-altitude flying vehicle sector in Asia. At that time, it was selected in 2021 Global Unicorn list and won the title of Guangzhou Unicorn Enterprise. The valuation of XPENG AEROHT reached US$1.5 billion.

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